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TOTAL US Dollars

$ # $
$ # $
$ # $

IGNITERS  (Sold ONLY with wick order)



IG-1 Aladdin, Corona, KeroSun, Koehring, etc $4.95 # $
IG-2 Pull-type; Sanyo, Sunbeam $4.95 # $
IG-3 IG-3 Dyna-Glow, Heat Mate, Robeson, Sanyo $3.95 # $
IG-4 Aladdin TR-2000 (Wafer type igniter) $6.95 # $


Price @


    # $
Mica window (1 per package) Rectangular


# $
Other  $ # $

Subtotal for merchandise - US Dollars

US POSTAGE per merchandise total above Add proper postage please
$1.00 to $20.00 $4.95 $
$20.01 to $36.00 $6.95 $
36.01 to $46.00 $8.95 $
$46.01 to $69.90 $10.95 $
$69.91 and up (EXCEPT chimneys - limit 4 chimneys up to 3'' base diameter, 4'' base two per each order & 4 1/2'' one per each order).  $12.95 $
US Priority Mail ONLY, orders under $36.00 >


OUT OF US ORDER - by the weight of the merchandise ordered: = 
1 oz TO 8 OZ, 9 oz to 2 lbs, 2 to 3 lbs, etc.  The first category is $11.95 to Canada, $13.95 to Continental Europe, & $19.95 to Scandinavia & OZ.  OFTEN QUITE A FEW WICKS CAN FIT INTO A 2 LB PACKAGE.  Inquire, please  BY EMAIL so I can weigh the wicks you want before you place the order.  If using the Add-to-Cart buttons to order online the automatic postage charge can be higher but I will refund any amount of postage paid above actual cost.


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