Identification of Center Draft and Kosmos Lamps


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How to Identify Center Draft and Kosmos Lamps

```` Often the only photo sent with a request for identification

Nice photo but the shade covers the actual "lamp'' completely - there are no clues whatever that can be used to identify the lamp.

Flame Spread Clearly Shows The Manufacturer...but not the size

Remove the shade and low and behold, there is a flame spreader that answers the question of identity!

No Markings on Lamp But Lots of Clues!!!

No flame spreader, no markings on lamp, so the clues needed are best done with a photo of the burner in profile with the wick knob facing the camera.  Now we can see the burner configuration, the wick knob and the embossing pattern.  By reviewing Courter's Center Draft Lamp book, we can see those clues indicate the lamp was made by P&A prior to 1898 and is a #2 P&A Royal burner on a drop-in font.

Draft tube and Outer Wick Tube Equal Height

A photo from this angle shows the center draft tube ("C") and the outer wick tube ("O") are the same height.  If the lamp had been electrocuted for the addition of an electrical light bulb socket the center draft tube would have most likely been cut down.  That is a MAJOR problem as the lamp could not be restored to liquid fuel without a replacement of the draft tube.

Measuring the INSIDE DIAMETER of ''C" and the OUTSIDE DIAMETER of "O" will allow the determination of the SIZE of the burner and thus the wick required.

Burner Damage

A photo of any damage to the burner will reveal if the burner can be repaired or used as-is.  Click on the photo at right and you will see a horizontal crack in the gallery right below the chimney seat.  In this case the burner could still be used.

Easy Identification of Kosms Burners

The photo near right shows a typical side-draft Kosmos air cutout in the outer wick tube. 

The photo far right shows the wick tube is clearly marked for the size and type of burner - in this case it is a 14''' Kosmos.  Not all Kosmos burners are so nicely marked.



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