Sonnenbrenner Lamp Chimneys

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 Sonnenbrenner Lamp Chimneys

Also fits some of the following lamps:

Ditmar Soleil, Swintzer & Gräff Patent-Diamant Brenner, Nobel Brenner, Carl Rakenius Herkules Brenner, Zeus Brenner, Carl Holy Odin Brenner, Brillant Brenner, Stobwasser Victoria Brenner, Eckel & Glineke Sieges Brenner, General Brenner, Erich & Graetz Rex Brenner, Adolf Salz & Co Stern Brenner  (See list below)

These chimneys were made to exacting specifications from molds using original chimneys - in borosilicate glass!

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15''' Sonnenbrenner chimney - $49.95
2.061" (52.3mm) x 11.25 in borosilicate chimney

18''' Sonnenbrenner chimney - $49.95
2.428" (62.7mm) x 12 1/8 in borosilicate chimney

53mm, 15''' Sonnenbrenner chimney. Click the photos above to see the dimensions.  Fits the lamps listed below. 62mm, 18''' Sonnenbrenner chimney. Click the photos above to see the dimensions.  Fits the lamps listed below. Sonnenbrenner 15''' lamp
Sleeve on Gebrudder burner With the right chimney...
Transport wick The burn wick. Sonnenbrenner 18''' Lamp

The burner: These burners are unusual in that they have two wicks..... a transport wick and a burn wick. The transport wick is really a good idea as it is really loosely woven and has great capillary action. It doesn't get used up by the burner. The burner will give you a full flame until the tank runs out of fuel. It is kind of impressive when you actually get a burner with a 2 wick system.

The burner is a side draft burner with a tiny flame spreader. It sits right in the spot where the chimney becomes narrower. It makes the flame burn nice and bright.

Manufactured by Ditmar. The Sonnenbrenner has a big thread that doesn't fit standard European tanks. However, the Gebrudder Brunner is also made by Ditmar and is almost the same as the Sonnenbrenner. It has a standard thread and will fit European tanks.

Above, a Ditmar Soleil 15''' burner showing the parts without being covered with one of the two wicks.  The burning wick is only 1.5'' long and 0.055'' thick and held in place by the 4 petals shown in the photo above right. The capillary feed wick extends up to the base of the burning wick and is covered by the outer wick tube, shown in the lower middle of the photo above left.  Click photos to enlarge.


Measuring burning wick diameter

Custom capillary feeder wick Measuring feeder wick diameter

Also_fits some of the following lamps:

Small sized flame spreader burners for soft shouldered chimneys.

Swintzer & Gräff

Patent-Diamant Brenner
10''' 53 mm/287 mm
14''' 63 mm/310 mm

Nobel Brenner
14''' 52 mm/260 mm

Carl Rakenius

Herkules Brenner
15''' 52 mm/285 mm
18''' 62 mm/310 mm

Zeus Brenner
20/22''' 63 mm/315 mm

Carl Holy

Odin Brenner
16''' 52 mm/255 mm
20''' 63 mm/290 mm

Brillant Brenner
16''' 52 mm/255 mm


Victoria Brenner
14''' 54 mm/260 mm

Eckel & Glineke

Sieges Brenner
16''' 53 mm/283 mm

General Brenner (made also by many different makers)
16''' 53 mm/283 mm
22''' 63 mm/287 mm

Erich & Graetz
Rex Brenner
15''' 53 mm/280 mm

Adolf Salz & Co
Stern Brenner
20''' 63 mm/310 mm



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