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The Safe Use of Kerosene Lamps

The prime period of Kosmos lamp lighting was the era prior to the wide-spread use of electricity. From 1875 until WW I, lamp manufacturers were in intense competition. There were few ''standard'' width wicks used as many manufacturers employed wicks of proprietary width and thickness as an advertising advantage for their lamps.  I make customs wicks of the proper width and thickness for some of the more popular Kosmos, Matador and Agni lamps still encountered and in use today.  Click here > for custom wicks

Kosmos wicks go in round and come out flat. Because most Kosmos burners use gear wheels to move the wick vertically, the wicks must be of a harder, denser weave than common flat wicks made for cheap hardware store lamps - and that means they are more expensive to make. The upside down burner on the right side shows the gear wheels that move the wick vertically.  Click on the photo at right to enlarge it.

When a listing below is for ''1 or 2 feet of wick'' the length of wick you will receive is for how many units you purchase, ie, an order for 4 feet and you would receive one four feet length of wick uncut.  You can then cut the length of wick you want.
1 1/4'' x 12'' - (32mm) Kosmos weave, Den Haan Gimbaled Berth Oil Lamp wick,  1 foot of wicking


6_line''' wick: 1 3/8" x 8" (35mm), 8" long.  P&A Victor, Boudoir. (#138)


1 7/16'' x 8''- (38mm) Kosmos weave, 8'' of wick


8_line''' wick: 1 5/8" x 8" (42mm), Karlskrona Lampenfabrik; ,  8" long (#158)


10_line''' wick: 1 7/8" x 8" (48mm)   8" long


2'' (50mm), odd size for when 10''' is not wide enough and 12''' wicks are too wide. Fits Danforth's Mariner, Onion, Lodge, Cornwall, Hoyt and Limited Edition pewter oil lamps.  1 ft length, #132


12_line''' wick: 2 1/8" x 8" (54mm) #218


14_line''' wick: 2 1/2'' x 8'' (63.5 mm),  0.075'' thick, for Gaudard Kosmos 14''' burners.  Custom wick cut from the proper wick material. #215


2 9/16" x 8" (66mm)   for Some #14 & #15 Kosmos "14 line"' Thicker wick 0.110" -  Special Purple Stripe.  For Kosmos lamps with a larger wick gap.  Per wick. #108


2 3/4" x 8"  for Some 14''' & 15''' Kosmos:  (2 13/16", 72mm) Kosmos wick. P&A Harvard lamps, some H. G. MOEHRING flat wick lamps and Sebastianbrenner with 50mm diameter straight tube chimney. If your Kosmos 2 9/16" wick has a gap at the top when installed, this is the wick to use.  Medium thickness of 0.086". Per wick. #275


 20_line''' flat wick: 3 5/8" x 8" (92mm),, thicker wick - 0.086" for Imperial Kosmos Vulcan burners; Brenner Ideal #20i Burner/ Trawler Lamp; German 20''' Baldur Brenner; 20''' Schwintzer & Gräff. (See photos of a large Kosmos-Brenner;  photo 1, photo 2.)  Perfect for sad iron heaters requiring 3 9/16 to 3 5/8" wide wicks.   Installation instructions > click here  SAD IRON STOVE WICKS  Per wick. #126


3 5/8" x 8" (92mm), 20''' flat wick, 24" of wicking (cut to your own length)  Thickness 0.076". THIN WICK FOR SOME LAMPS & STOVES    #123


30_line''' flat wick: 4" x 8" (101.6mm), for some Kosmos-Brenner burners.   Ideal for sad irons requiring 4" wicks and European stoves like the Beatrice Boiling Stove & Canadian SMP or GSW "Hot Blast" heater.  Thicker 0.092" thickness.  Thinner wick for narrow wick gaps is below. #127


Kosmos_Chimneys (Click here)

(*Note)  8''' & 10''' Kosmos chimneys

Kosmos lamps have been made by literally hundreds of different manufacturers in the past 150 years.  Any ''standards'' are hypothetical. 8''' Kosmos chimneys are a nominal 1.50'' OD slip-fit.  The largest base diameter 10''' Kosmos chimney I have is an original signed W&W that measures 1.57'' base diameter. 7/100th is extremely close for a minimum/maximum spread. Quite common prior to WW II was a Kosmos chimney with 1.53'' base diameter designed to fit either 8''' or 10''' Kosmos lamps. Virtually any Kosmos chimney from 1.500'' to 1.57'' base diameter will fit over the burner cone and within the base of the chimney fingers.  The brass chimney fingers can then be adjusted to fit the chimney.  The precise measurement of the base diameter of the chimneys I have in stock can be found by clicking here for a pdf copy of the measurements, and clicking here for a VERY extensive list of chimney base diameters.  Only my custom chimneys have absolute guaranteed measurements; the standard, mass-produced chimneys do have some variations in dimensions.


"Goes in flat, comes out round"... by a process of 'conical curling' ... shows the triangular air port allowing air to centre of flame. Also shows direct gear drive to the wick.] Photo by Alex Marrack


Sizes of Kosmos Lamps

The wick in Kosmos lamps is flat and curled round by the gearing (shown above). The wick must fit inside the circumference of the outer wick tube.  Kosmos wicks are sold by their width, but determining that width when there is no fragment of a wick left to measure can be challenging.  Measuring the diameter and referring to the chart below is one relatively easy way to select the proper fitting wick.


I have listed below the inside diameter of the top of the outside wick tube for various Kosmos lamps I own, shown below the line number and width in inches.  Please note there were hundreds of manufacturers, so dimensions may well vary, in some cases vary considerably


Kosmos Lamps, Rough measurements     (Made since 1865 by literally hundreds of manufacturers in different countries, dimensions can easily vary.)

Ligne size Outer wick tube OD (approx) Wick width Chimney base outside diameter (approximate)
6'' 0.575" 1 3/8" 1.360"
8''' 0.620'' 1 5/8" 1.500"
10''' 0.668" 1 7/8" 1.54"
12''' 0.724" 2 1/8" 1.725"
14''' 0.900" 2 9/16" 2.0" to 2.10"
16''' 0.916" 2 3/4" some 2.0" to 2.10"
18''' 1.226" 2 3/4" some 2.465"
20''' 1.387'' 3 5/8" 2.465"
24" Varies 4" varies


If there is already a wick in your Kosmos lamp, it is very easy to know what width wick you need for a replacement.  Near right:  raise the wick to make sure there is no gap or the wick is too wide and jams when raised.  The one in the photo at right is just fine.  Far right:  measure the width of the existing wick, in this case it is 2 9/16'', a 14''' wick.  And as it is a Gaudard burner and the wick can be felt, it is a thin wick.


1.  The first thing to do is clean the burner, polish, then straighten any bends or dents in the wick tubes, the outer wick tube often having dents and will inhibit any wick from fitting into the wick gap.  And of course a dirty burner is an abomination and prohibits a wick from moving.  Jewelry pliers with round, tapered noses are ideal for straightening the wick tubes.  Click on photos to enlarge them.

2.  The photo right shows a burner cleaned with hot citric acid, then polished with a brush and Q-Tips, with dents removed that still had roughness in the wick gap that would stop a wick from rising; folded 120 grit emery paper solved the problem.


3. Wrap a piece of stiff card stock, such as an index card or post card, around the draft tubes, cut to rough length, then carefully insert it into the wick gap so that it overlaps one end.  Mark the overlap.  Remove the cardboard and measure the width. Hallelujah, confirmation! It measured 2 9/16'' wide!  My photography needs serious help and the perspective of the lens is not correct, but the measurement is just fine.

         Much more detailed information - click here

It is not difficult to measure the slip-fit width to know which chimney to order.  Expensive calipers are not required.  At left you will see a child's pencil compass used to measure between the base of two opposing chimney fingers.  The compass is then laid on a rule and the width is known.  In this case I was measuring a New Juno #1 and the base diameter is slightly over 2".  A chimney should NEVER push against the base of the chimney fingers, so in this case a 2" slip-fit chimney is proper. Click on the photos to enlarge them.  If you  do not have calipers or dividers, measure the circumference of an existing chimney or inside the chimney fingers and divide by 3.14 to get the fitter diameter required. These are crude measurements, of course. To know the ACTUAL diameter of Kosmos chimneys in stock for comparison, click here.


Feeding a thick wick from the bottom of a 20''' Matador burner can be a challenge.  Making a tape extension as shown at right makes the process much easier.  The tape is pushed up through the wick gap, then the wick gently pulled up through the gearing. Flexing the wick prior to installation and leaving it with a gentle curl will help with wick installation in all Kosmos burners.


Many Kosmos lamps are well over a century old and the gearing mechanism can be worn, resulting in the wick rising unevenly.  To correct that the top 1/2'' of the wick can be sewn together as shown below.

The photo at left shows the well-worn Gladiator burner could not raise the wick uniformly.  The top 1/2'' was sewn as shown, then the wick was trimmed and burned level to achieve a smooth, even top surface. Because the inner draft tube is tapered, the wick can be sewn together no lower than 1/2'' from the top of the wick.



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