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Kerosene Heater Parts:

A Bit of Antiquity:  Lamps for sale. Lamp Parts. Restoration. Terence Bertele, Including some parts, and complete lamps; also has many parts and complete reproduction burners for Manhattan Student Lamps.

Flame Spreaders for Veritas lamps, Lempereur & Bernard (L&B) Brevette lamps (Belgian), and Imperial/Vulcan lamps are available from  Alex Marrack in England.

Burners for English and European lamps, Kosmos burners, flame spreaders and other parts for Brit and European lamps.  Aladdin, hard and soft mantles, Valor parts, chimneys. An incredible resource. 

Marine kerosene heaters are still being made!  "Refleks Olieovne A/S" in Denmark and has a considerable list of various models and sizes.  The heaters appear to be "pot burner" style heaters, not wick-type heaters, similar to Dickinson Marine.  The site is in Danish but Google Translate is available.

Dickinson Marine in Canada is a major manufacturer of diesel or kerosene pot burner type marine heaters and stoves. I have their ''Alaska'' model and can guarantee it works. They do have a YouTube channel for those interested in how pot burner style heaters and stoves work and are adjusted.

A Bit of Antiquity:  Lamps for sale. Lamp Parts. Restoration. Links: Our Book: RESTORATION of ANTIQUE KEROSENE & ELECTRIC LIGHTING HANDBOOK. By Richard Dudley AKA "The Lamp Doctor" December 2007.  Terence Bertele,

Lamps of the North, a shop in Canada with beautiful lamps displayed and some lamps and parts for sale, particularly Aladdin lamps, and some repairs offered. Very knowledgeable of Aladdin and Victorian Era center draft lamps.

Lamp Restoration 

The Brass & Copper Polishing Shop.  Established in 1952, Don Reedy follows his father's tradition and does lamp reconstruction, conversions back to oil from lamps which have been electrocuted, and has some lamp parts.

Wooden Shoe Antiques has a big shop in old town Charleston that is just packed full of oil lamps - common and some very rare items, plus a large stash of parts and pieces. They are very knowledgeable and great people to deal with, very helpful folks. (This is a great recommendation from a fine customer of mine, Paul Stynchcomb.)

Oil Lamp Rescue for those folks that appreciate the history and beauty of these old lamps. restores old US-made center draft oil lamps to functionality.  Wide range of restorations, contact at the link for more information. Recommended.  John McBride does  some restoration, cleaning and polishing, AND does nickel plating of lamps!  Contact John directly  by email to ask what he can do for you. Highly respected lamp collectors have recommended John.

Lamp Restoration: Including some parts, and complete lamps; 

Edward Miller & Company of Meriden, CT. USA   Excellent website with extensive history of the Miller Lamp Company, all lamp restoration/repair. Please also see his extensive recommendations for wicks for Miller lamps. Stuart Driver of Australia (assisted by Robert Hazelton in the USA) specializing in the restoration of lamps by Edward Miller. See Edward Miller & Company. Both are very well regarded for restoration and information regarding kerosene lamps, but particularly those by Edward Miller. Please send inquires to

Some parts for Manhattan & Kleeman student lamps are available from Gramp's Treasures.

JP- TinsmithPeriod Reproductions and Restorations of Argand, Solar and Sinumbra lighting.

Antique Vintage Appliances  Restored and unrestored vintage stove and referigerators.

The Alexandria Lamp Shop, some parts, shades and lamp repair.

The old and valuable website has closed.  The patent search can be done on Dan Edminster homepage >"


Artoluys: A fabulous website full of information on lamps.  Located in Germany the site is in both England and German.  Great site and has references and links to many other lamp websites.

J.W. Courter's book on Center Draft Lamps and other excellent books on Aladdin and Angle lamps are back in print.

TeriAnn's Guide to Aladdin and other brands of kerosene Mantle Lamps

The Old Time Lamp Shop. Internet Site for the Study of Early Lighting.   Excellent reference work for many old lamps.

Famos Forum. This website is intended as a resource for collectors of Famos and Veritas incandescent mantle paraffin lamps.

Facebook groups: Search Facebook for   "Antique Oil Lamps" is new and well worth looking over.

The Loveland Collection. Very informative on lanterns new and old, dating, US and foreign.  Fascinating site from Melanie Loveland.  The historical information on European lanterns, lamps and heaters is incredible, including the restoration and collection of vintage & rare German & Swiss Lanterns.

Perfection heater information, dating, a visual tour of Perfection heaters, very valuable information for Perfection heaters and clones. Excellent work by Melanie Loveland.

E.M. Miller Lamp catalog #97, circa 1904  pdf format. 9.5 MB.

The Pelam forum. This site is in German but Google translate is useful here.  Excellent information on more obscure German lamps such as the Schwintzer & Graff.

Sizes, grades, units of measurement: a very useful site!

Owner's Manuals: some American Wick, EnviroTemp, HeatMate, KeroHeat, KeroJet, & Sengoku (Look for the model number, not the brand name, as they are the same heaters.)

Owner's Manuals for most Toyotomi heaters (KeroSun, Toyoset, etc.)

True North Coleman Collectors Forum.  Membership required.

Information on mantle lamps sold in the US.

Beautiful custom-made copper and brass lanterns and lamps that use propane, natural gas, or electricity and evoke the charm of historic Charleston, for those who want an alternative to kerosene outdoor lighting.  Carolina Lanterns

Anchor Oil Lamp Company, UK.  Nautical Oil Lamps : Antiques oil lamps : Reproduction Lamps.  Some history of Brit lamp makers.

We list these third party web sites for the convenience to our visitors and take no responsibility for the content or accuracy contained in them, implied or not.

More European lamp websites:

Italian shop ( with stunningly beautiful Victorian Era lamps.  The site is in Italian but the photos are fabulous in any language.  (Browse all the links on the left side of the page.)

LUMIERE DE L'OEIL, Paris - a "must see" web site for lamp enthusiasts. 

Base Camp. Parts for lamps in the UK.  Also parts for POD heaters and new Ruby heaters, etc.  An excellent source in the UK for many things fueled by "paraffin" (kerosene).

DPS The Pittenspecialist. Glass for Haller Saffire / Facetta, wicks for Clarus heaters, an amazing resource in the Netherlands.

Edward Miller web site (private) from Germany, with fabulous photos and information.  You may need Google Translate.

Antik-Ollampen. Fascinating German site by Lothar Spaniol with research on moderator lamps.  The site in German but Google Translate can do paragraph by paragraph translations.

Lanterns from around the world, an excellent collection of restored lanterns photographed very well. THE LOVELAND COLLECTION photos provide an excellent resource for identifying odd lanterns with some history of each one.

Lamp shades and chimneys for many lamps including old and odd sizes, such as W&W and other Victorian Era lamp.  John Moncrieff Lighting, UK. I have purchased shades from them.

Frei's Petrollampen:  Petromax, Aladdin, Kosmos lamps and repair in Switzerland.  For information, contact      Website in German.

German lamps, including Petromax and other European lamps and heaters, parts and repairs.  Website in German, by Roland Loos.

Parts for old German lamps.  Site is in German.

1911 Goldberg lamp catalog.  In German.

The Pettrolampen Shop." Located in Switzerland, site language is German, very nice site!

International forum about pressure lanterns and other lighting and fuel appliances;

Lamp identification through wick knob indicia.  Site in German.
Lamp identification - wick knobs.  Site in English.
Lamp Identification through wick knobs. Translated from German.
Lamp wick knobs, mostly British lamps. 
German site with interesting information., or mirrored on my site: Registered Design Numbers For British Lamps







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Aladdin Lamp Wicks & parts

Lamp Chimneys:

Center Draft Lamp chimneys
from "Tiny" Junior to Mammoth lamps.

Fabulous "Sans Rival" borosilicate chimney for 14''' Kosmos lamps

Student Lamp Sans Rival Chimney with 1 7/8" fitter!!!

Standard glass lamp chimneys

Sonnenbrenner Lamp Chimneys

Information on lamps:

Center Draft Kerosene Lamps
(Photos, information and history, etc)

Photos of restored center draft lamps 

Care, Feeding and Restoration of Center Draft Lamps (and wick installation for many)

Center Draft Lamp manufacturers and brand names

Lamp Chimneys - Dimension of nominal base diameter by make, model and "line".

Early American Metal Font & Specialty Lamps

Aladdin Lamp History

Aladdin Lamp Wicks & Chimneys,

Aladdin - Exploded burner views

Kosmos-Brenner lamps and wicks

Flame Spreaders and "Smoke Consumers" from Alex Marrack

  • Vulcan, Imperial, Veritas, Belgian, Hinks, Messenger's, Young's Court, etc.

    Articles by Alex Marrack:

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Kerosene Heaters - General types, how they work, recommendations for some good ones - and those I would avoid.

Economic Benefits of Kerosene Heaters

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Kerosene Stove Maintenance and Storage

Butterfly A-822, 22 wick
, all-aluminum premium stove.   

Butterfly #2487, 16 wick stove Butterfly #2412 Pressure Stove; instructions for virtually any pressure stove.

Butterfly #2418 Double Burner Stove; good with any gravity flow stove.

Butterfly #2421 Oven for Kerosene Stoves

Butterfly #2641, 10 Wick Stove -
the least expensive emergency stove.

Butterfly #2698 Cook Stove -

THE Best Heavy Duty Cook Stove.

Butterfly #828R Pressure Lantern;
same for most pressure lanterns.

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