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Custom Wicks

Rare European Lamps
Flat Wicks for Kosmos, Matador & Agni Lamps
 Wicks for DayNa Decker Lamps
Wicks for lamps made in Turkey for the Russian market

Center Draft Wicks Including Odd Center Draft Lamp wicks;
  Miller Dresden #1 & #2 Vestal, Young's Court 16'

HEATER WICKS - Electrolux fridge, Hi Seas Heater wicks


As of September 10, 2021 I can sew some custom wicks again.  Please inquire via email (  for your individual wick requirements.

The surgery on both thumbs and 3 carpal tunnel surgeries have taken their toll on the stamina in my hands and I am still recovering from a total reverse shoulder replacement.

Please ask first before ordering the custom wicks

Miles Stair

LAMPS  (Photo Album of Lamps)

Wicks can be made to fit  lamps other than those listed below.  The measurements I need is the make and model, the precise draft tube and outer tube diameters, the diameter of the wick sleeve (if any) and whether the wick fits inside or outside the sleeve, and the flat width of a remnant of the original wick, if available.  Contact me by email -     

LENGTH OF WICK required:
Remove the burner/gallery and measure the height of the draft tube with a thin stick like a bamboo skewer. That length plus 1" is the proper wick length.

WIDTH OF WICK required:
Measure the DIAMETER of the draft tube with calipers.  If you have a remnant of the original wick remaining, measure the width of the wick when pressed flat.  (Diameter defined)

Flat Wicks for Kosmos, Matador & Agni Lamps

If you desire a different width and/or thickness combination please send me an email.
3" wide (77mm), 0.092" thick flat wick for old German 15''' Kosmos lamps; Kronos, Hugo Schneider (Hasag)


3 1/8'' wide, 0.092'' thick flat wick for W&W 16''' Kosmos lamps


87mm wide, 0.083" thick wick for HS/HASAG 20''' Matador


3.54'' wide (90mm), 8'' long, 0.102'' thick for L&B Belge_20''' Matador. 90mm wide, thick flat wick.


3 3/8'' (85mm) wide, 0.083" thick wick for W&W 16'' Agni lamp


3 5/8'' (92mm) wide, 0.102" thick for 20''' DHR Matador and many other 20''' Matador lamps using my new neoVulcan chimney.


3 5/8'' (94mm) wide, 0.102" thick for W&W 20''' Agni lamp using my new neoVulcan chimney.


DayNa Decker Lamp, convert wick plate to accept replaceable long-lasting fiberglass wicks.  You must send me the wick plate to be altered.  Wick plate with new long lasting fiberglass wick installed is returned via trackable Priority Mail. Once converted the wicks below can easily be user installed.  Email me for details.   



DayNa Decker Lamp wick, wick only (plates not included!) for use in altered wick plates (above).  (Plate shown in photo to right.  Click to enlarge the photo.)



STUDENT LAMP WICKS      (Illustrated Installation Instructions Included with wicks)
What I need to make a wick for a student lamp is the flat width of any remaining wick fragment and/or the outside diameter of the center draft tube, the attachment sleeve, and the inside diameter of the outer wick tube. Measured diameters - with calipers!  "Eyeball guesstimates" or ''it looks like'' are worthless. 

YOU are responsible for accurate measurements!


Acme or No. 11 Postal Student; L 6"; 2 1/16" flat


Argand lamp with 7/8' (0.88") draft tube, 0.045'' very thin wick for Cornelius and Sons (Philadelphia) and other Argand lamps with a similar diameter draft tube.  1 5/16" wide, 7 1/2'' long $14.95

B&H_Student Duplex Lamp wicks, 1 1/8" wide, 0.075" thick, by the foot for short lengths.

$2.95 per foot

B&H_Student Duplex Lamp wicks, 1 1/8" wide, 0.075" thick, 4 continuous feet.  One traditional way of installing wicks in duplex lamps with a feeder wick was to use 4 continuous feet of wicking to form a "W" shaped wick inside the tank. $10.95 for 4 feet

Cleveland Student lamp, Small;  1 3/8'' wide, 7'' long, 0.090' thick. $14.95

Cleveland Student, Large; L 4'';  W 1 7/16'', 0.070'' thick. $14.95

German Student, large; 3 '' L, W. 1 3/16'', 0.068" thick: (wick supplied 8" long) Existing wick fragment would be 1 3/16'' (1.1875'';) wide. $14.95

German Student, Small; L 4''; 1'' flat; (And lamps marked "C. A. Kleeman, C. F. A. Hinrichs N. Y. Sole Agent."  Outer wick tube, 0.786'';; spiral tube 0.566''; diameter. Wick 0.055'' thick. $14.95

German Student Lamp Co, Imperial Model.  4.5'' L, 2'' wide.  Draft tube inner ring is 1.065'' diameter, outer ring 1.301'' diameter.  Existing wick fragment would be 2'' wide.  Wick is 0.076" thick.


Manhattan, Miller* & Kleeman Student Lamps.   1 1/4''; flat X 4.5''; long. Wick is 0.055'' thick. Existing wick fragment would be 1.25'' wide.


Large Manhattan Student Lamp, wick is 5 1/2'' long, 1 15/16'' wide $14.95

Meyrose & Post student lamp with 3/4'' (0.77'') draft tube & Post & Company American Student Lamp with 7/8'' (0.875") draft tube); also some Argand lamps with 7/8'' draft tube.  Wick is 1 3/8'' x 8'' long, 0.045" thick.    (YOU are responsible for measurements!). $14.95

Miller Student lamps using Vestal burners used wicks #0S, #1M and #2M. The wick knob was on the burner itself as with other Vestal burners and used a flame spreader.
Miller Ideal #0 Student Lamp using 1 1/8'' wide x 7'' long circular wick (These lamps have a perforated wick sleeve like this > click here.) [For more photos of the burner, click here.] $14.95

Miller Ideal #1 Student Lamp using 1 3/4'' wide x 7'' long circular wick  (These lamps have a perforated wick sleeve like this > click here.) $14.95

Wicks for typical center draft lamp configuration

Miller Vestal #2 wicks, 2 7/16'' flat, 7'' long, 0.070'' thickness. $14.95

1 1/2'' flat width, circular wick, 8'' long, 0.87'' thick, fits over 0.078'' to -.0800'' draft tube.  Fits Miller Dresden #1 and many odd Brit center draft lamps such as Young's Court 16', Veritas & Hinks (some), Otto Muller, many others with draft tube about 0.080'' outside diameter (Measure first). $14.95

Moehring Circular; L 6 ''; 1 7/16''; flat.  Moehring #3 burner used on Dressel railroad lanterns, 2 3/4'' flat width. Note: Moehring burners first patent date Jan. 17, 1871 fitted on Adams & Westlake center draft lamps designed for wall mounting use wick #0L. $14.95

Turkey-made lamps often sold on the Russian Market.
Turkish lamp with 0.08" draft tube and a thin wick.   Replacement wick 0.076" thick, 8" long, 1 9/16'' wide. 
Moehring Circular; L 6 ''; 1 7/16''; flat.  Moehring #3 burner used on Dressel railroad lanterns, 2 3/4'' flat width. Note: Moehring burners first patent date Jan. 17, 1871 fitted on Adams & Westlake center draft lamps designed for wall mounting use wick #0L. $14.95
A more complete list of CENTER DRAFT LAMP WICKS NO LONGER MANUFACTURED is shown at the bottom of this page. Click here.

HEATER and Stove WICKS, American and European  (Photo Album of Heaters)

Diesel fuel used in kerosene heaters - for more information click here

The wicks below are not available for immediate shipment. Be patient, please. The listings below cover a number of actually different widths of wicks so PLEASE send me an email stating exactly which heater (and model number) you have.


Bunsen Sports Heater   (Click here for Bunsen page.)


Electrolux Electrolux fridge using a flat wick 2 61/64 (2.952''), 75mm width x 8'' long.  Measure old wick first as there were other models! $12.95


Hi Seas 100C marine diesel heater.   ASBESTOS wick.  This wick is available. $17.95

Medium Draft tubes less than 3 .0'' diameter, such as: Buhl No. 11; Calorifix (Turm L51 & L71); New Era; 1895 Puritan 44 & 54; Standard New Process 40B; Superior 800; $19.95

Large Draft tubes larger than 3.0'' diameter, such as: Chautauqua; Florence H-124; Glazier #40; Grand #8; Puritan 75 $24.95

Giant Draft tubes larger than 4'' diameter, such as: Marshall Wells; NESCO Giant 105, 505, 605; Superior #900; Wards Windsor #A-151, #A153, A&B154; and odd heater wicks that require the attachment of a wick raising gear or lever, such as the Aladdin S-1 & S-2 wicks.  $29.95

For all-cotton wicks to replace fiberglass wicks #1, 1A, #1D, #1X, #2 and #8, go here.

Diesel fuel used in kerosene heaters - for more information click here

The list above of heaters requiring MEDIUM or LARGE diameter wicks is NOT PRECISE to any individual heater - virtually all of the heaters used a different width/diameter wick and the heater MUST be clearly identified so the wick can be made to fit your heater. Contact for more information.



The diameter of the draft tube determines the wick required by the heater.  The draft tube is easier to measure if the burner is removed, which leaves the draft tube as the only thing protruding from the tank. You can see right through the draft tube to the floor, rug or drip pan beneath the fuel tank (font) so it is easy to identify.


Some have substitutions as shown above.  Others we can make.  Inquire





Ariel 16' (and Helios



1 11/16"

Ariel 20'



1 7/8"

Ariel 30'



2 5/8"

Blitz 20'



2 1/16"

Blitz 30'

Use 2R


2 5/8"

Court 16'



1 "

Court 20'

Use #1B



Court 30'

Use 2R


2 5/8"

Defries 10', Termidor


1 3/16"

Defries 15'



Defries 20', Wonder 10'


1 5/16"


Use 1B



English Sun or Marvel 15'



1 5/8"

English Sun or Marvel 20'

Use 1B



English Sun or Marvel 30'

Use 2R


2 5/8"

Famos 1924 model flat 90 cp



2 7/8" flat

Famos 1925 model circular 90 cp



1 3/8"

Hinks 20' 45 cp




Hinks 30' 80 cp

2 P&A


2 5/8"

Invicta - see Sunlight


Juno (English) 14' 20 cp



1 "

Juno 20'

Use 1B



Juno 30'

Use 2R


2 5/8"

Lamp Belge, see Juno (English)


Lienite & Morelite - see Sunlight




7 3/4"

1 5/8"

Orion, Supera, Britelite 14'


6 3/4"

1 7/16"




1 3/4"



8 "

1 13/16"

Thermidor No. 1


5 "

1 13/16"

Trilux 20'




Trilux 30'


8 3/4"

2 5/8"

Union 20'


2 3/8"

Venus or Viking 14'



1 "

Venus or Viking 20'



1 7/8"

Venus or Viking 30'



2 5/8"

Veritas 20'


8 3/4"

1 15/16"

Veritas 30'


9 5/8"

2 5/8"

Veritas 60'



4 3/8"

Union (W&B) No. 0



1 1/4"

Union (W&B) No. 1



1 3/4"

Union (W&B) No. 2



2 3/8"

Union (W&B) No. 10


11 3/4"

4 1/8"

Wonder 10'


5 "

1 3/16"


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