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WICKS FOR (click on the name) KOSMOS LAMP WICKS,
B&H Student Lamp Duplex
- Brooder Heaters,
P&A Harvard lamps, H.G. Moehring lamps,
Auto Motor Primer Wicks
Round Woven Fiberglass Wicks

Wide Wicks for SAD IRON, Beatrice, GSW and Haller stoves. 
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ZIPPO Lighter Wicks & Hand Warmer Replacement Burners

Lamp Chimneys

Keep vent holes open Burner repair.

STANDARD LAMP WICKS by the package - see below  

1/4'', 3/8'', 1/2'', 5/8'', 3/4'', 7/8'', 1'', 1 1/4'', 1 1/2'' 

Lamp Wick by the roll  - 5 meter rolls (16.40 feet) 


to determine what width wick you need

Individually packaged 5 meter (16.4 foot) rolls of nicely woven wicking.  You cut the length you want from the roll. 

Lamps require thicker wicks than do lanterns, generally, so lantern wicking is listed separately below. Rolls require less handling and save a considerably amount of money per foot of wick.

Each roll is inspected and individually packaged.

I have these rolls of lamp wick made specially to my specifications of width and thickness so they will work perfectly in American lamps, or in the case of the 10 meter roll shown at right, in British Duplex lamps.  I use Ames or Teclock fabric thickness gauges to ensure absolute conformity to my specifications.

10 meter roll of Brit Duplex wick being measured for thickness.

Lamp wicks are thicker than lantern wicks because of the greater fuel lift requirements of lamps as lamps have deeper fonts, lamps being designed for burning relatively long periods of time while providing a considerable amount of light while burning indoors.  Lanterns were designed for burning outdoors and have a handle for carrying with some sort of wire protection for the chimney when being carried to a barn or outbuilding before flashlights were invented.

Classic-style cotton lamp wicking is designed to be used with clear kerosene lamp fuel or high-quality modern lamp oil: Not for use with fuels containing mineral spirits, paint thinner, or turpentine, or any fuel with a flash point under 124 degrees F. The use of Liquid Paraffin Lamp Oil in Dietz lanterns voids the factory warranty.


LAMP_WICKS by the ROLL (click photo above to see a roll)

1/2" = 12.5mm, 0.092"  thickness, 1/2'' wide, FLAT wick

$12.95 per 5 meter roll

1.0'' - 25.5 mm, 0.085'', Flat wick, lamp or lantern $13.95 per 5 meter roll

1 ½" - 38mm, 0.082"  thickness, 1 1/2'' wide, FLAT lamp wick. The #3 Climax burner and P&A #3 Duplex use this thicker wick, as does the Angle Lamp. (Two foot lengths of this wick, see below.)  (Miller Brooder Heaters do best with the 0.066" thick wicks listed below.) 

$14.95 per 5 meter roll

3 5/8"  (92mm), 30''' flat wick. Thicker wick - 0.086".  Perfect for many sad iron heaters requiring 3 9/16 to 3 5/8" wide wicks: 
10 meter roll
$36.95 per 10 meter roll


4 1/2'' wide (114mm) flat wick, 0.086" thick. For those rare burners using an extra wide wick, or for you to experiment by trimming to the width you want.  Note that the cut edge must be Zig-Zag stitched so it will not unravel.  10 meter roll

$38.95 per 10 meter roll


LANTERN Wicks by the Roll  
Lanterns often require a thinner, very tightly woven wick to avoid tangling the wick in the star wheel wick raiser. 5 meters = 16.4 feet of wick.
3/8" = 9.5mm, 0.065" thickness, 3/8'' wide, FLAT wick $8.95 per 5 meter roll

7/16" (11mm), 0.060'' thickness, for some older ship's lamps and lanterns, Vesta Rail Road Lantern $11.95 per 5 meter roll

3/4'' - 19mm, 0.065'' thickness   5m ROLL

$12.95 per 5 meter roll

1.0'' - 25.5 mm, 0.085'', Flat wick, lamp or lantern $13.95 per 5 meter roll

1 ½" - 38mm, 0.066"  thickness  (Miller Brooder Heaters & all Miller flat wick burners)

$16.95 per 5 meter roll


Purchasing lamp wick by the roll results in much less cost per wick. How?  The burner assembly is at least 2" high.  From the bottom of the burner to the middle of the font is about 4'':  the distance from the top of the wick to the fuel is then about 6'' on average.  If you have an 8'' long wick, you get only 2'' of wick to burn before the wick is too short to even reach the fuel!  If you cut and use 12'' long wicks then you have 6" of wick to burn - 3 times as much effective wick life.

to determine what width wick you need

FLAT LAMP WICKS by the package of three, 8'' long wicks or 24'' of wick.
See Alphabetical List  by Manufacturer Below

WICKS FOR DIETZ LANTERNS, Package of three, 7 1/2'' long wicks


Various small night lights




Dietz #50 Comet, Vesta RR lanterns; Acorn and Nutmeg burners  (pack of 3)



1/2" Dietz No. 76 Original; No. 0 Eagle and Banner burners Special; many French pump lamps (pack of 3) $4.45

5/8" Dietz #20, #1 Little Wizard; #20 Junior, #40 Victor; Adlake Railroad lanterns; No. 1 Eagle, #10 Monarch; Banner Railroad and Queen burners, ; Badger "Solar" bicycle/carriage lamp (Made in Kenosha, Wis) (pack of 3)


3/4" Various #2 lanterns.  Please measure the width of the wick slot to get the correct wick for your lamp.  (pack of 3) $4.95

7/8" No. 70 Crescent, #8 Air Pilot, Miller Zenith burner, No. 70 Crescent, #80 Blizzard,  #90 D-Lite, No. 70 Crescent, #90 D-Lite $4.95

1'' No. 2 Eagle, Banner and Queen burners;  for old time lamps and greenhouse heaters; early 1900's Dietz Blizzard, Royal HB; pack of three 8'' long wicks. $5.95

A brief history of Feuerhand lanterns (pdf)

DUPLEX LAMP and WIDE WICKS.  When ordering 2 or more feet (strips) of wick, the length of wick you receive will be comprised of one uncut piece totaling the number of feet ordered - ie an order of 4 feet gets you a 4-foot length of wick that you can than cut as needed. 

1/2'' 1/2'' X 24'', 0.068" for lamps/lanterns needing a thinner more tightly woven wick. Feuerhand #276 Baby. Price for two feet of wick. #911S


5/8" 5/8'' x 24'', 0.068'' for lamps/lanterns needing a thinner more tightly woven wick. Price for two feet of wick. #912S


3/4'' 3/4''' x 24'', 0.068'' for lamps/lanterns needing a thinner more tightly woven wick. Price for two feet of wick. #918S


1.0'' 1.0'' x 24'', 0.080'' thick, for some American Duplex lamps. Price per two feet. #134


1 1/16'' 1 1/16'' x 24'' (or number of feet ordered), for pre-War Brit Duplex lamps.  0.070'' thick.  Price per two feet. #121


1 1/16'' 1 1/16" x 10" pre-cut length for post-War British Duplex, P&A Duplex lamps and Brit greenhouse heaters. Pack of 2 wicks. Hattersley Green Stripe wicks are 0.104" thickness.  
Not for
pre-WW1  Hinks,
Veritas, Messenger's, Young's and other pre-War lamps. Victorian Era duplex lamps require wick thickness not to exceed 0.0990".  #120

Pack of

2 wicks


1 1/8'' 1 1/8" x 24", 0.075'' thick, for American duplex burners requiring a wide, 1 1/8'' wick. How to measure width needed, click here. #119


1 1/4'' 1 1/4'' x 8'', flat lamp wicks, pack of 3 wicks.


1 1/2'' Flat lamp wicks for some brooder heaters and #3 burners, (Wheeling Valley, Bartholdi), greenhouse heaters, and some poultry house heaters.  ARCTIC LIFT M. B. CO. N. Y. #2 & #3 made by Manhattan Brass up to 1925 (See image). Package of three (3) wicks. (0.085" thickness)





1 1/4'' x 24'' - (32mm) Kosmos weave, 2 feet of wicking


1 7/16'' x 24''- (38mm) Kosmos weave, 2 feet of wicking


1 1/2" x 24", thinner (0.066'') wick than individual 8" long pieces below at 0.066" thickness.  Best wick for Miller brooder heaters (Original wicks in Miller #3 burners were felt!).  You cut to length desired. 


Because most Kosmos burners use gear wheels to move the wick vertically, the wicks must be of a harder, denser weave than common flat wicks made for cheap hardware store lamps - and that means they are more expensive to make. Wicks for Kosmos Lamps (1 3/8'' wide to 4" wide), CLICK HERE.

Wide, FLAT wicks P&A Harvard lamps, H.G. MOEHRING, some heaters and Sad Iron stoves are below
2 9/16" x 8" (66mm)   KOSMOS #14 & #15 BURNERS - "14 line"' Thicker wick 0.110" -  Special Purple Stripe.  For Kosmos lamps with a larger wick gap.  Per wick. #125


2 3/4" x 9" (72mm), Haller Stoves, P&A Harvard lamps, some flat wick H. G. MOEHRING lamps, some Sherwood lamps, 9" long.  Medium thickness of 0.086".  Per wick.


3 5/8" x 8" (92mm), 20_line ''' flat wick, thicker wick - 0.086" for Imperial Kosmos Vulcan burners; Brenner Ideal #20i Burner/ Trawler Lamp; German 20''' Baldur Brenner; 20''' Schwintzer & Gräff. (See photos of a large Kosmos-Brenner;  photo 1, photo 2.)  Perfect for sad iron heaters requiring 3 9/16 to 3 5/8" wide wicks.   Installation instructions > click here  SAD IRON STOVE WICKS  Per wick. #126


3 5/8" x 24" (92mm), 30''' flat wick, 24" of wicking (cut your own length)  Thickness 0.076" - THIN WICK FOR SOME LAMPS & STOVES.  ( 3 wick measure - 24" of wicking)   #123


3 5/8" x 24" (92mm), 30''' flat wick, 24" of wicking (cut your own length)  Thickness 0.085" - THICKER WICK FOR SOME LAMPS & STOVES.  ( 3 wick measure - 24" of wicking)  #132


4" wide, 24" long.  ( 3 wick measure - 24" of wicking)   0.076" thick. THIN WICK FOR SOME LAMPS & sad iron STOVES. #124


4'' x 8" (101.6mm), 40''' flat wick Beatrice Boiling Stove, some Kosmos-Brenner burners.   Fits many sad irons requiring 4" wide, thick wicks and & Canadian SMP or GSW "Hot Blast" heater, not for Daisy #9.  Thicker 0.082" thickness.  For info on Beatrice Boiling Stove, click here. #127


4 1/2'' wide (114mm), 24'' long, flat wick, 0.086" thick. For those rare burners using an extra wide wick, or for you to experiment by trimming to the width you want.  Note that the cut edge must be Zig-Zag stitched so it will not unravel.  #133



Round Woven Fiberglass Wicks


1/8'' (2.5mm) diameter Round Woven Fiberglass,
95 cents per foot.

$0.95 per foot

3/16'' (4.0mm) diameter Round Woven Fiberglass,
$1.25 cents per foot 

$1.25 per foot

7/32'' (5.5mm) diameter Round Woven Fiberglass,
$1.45 per foot.

$1.45 per foot

5/16" (8mm) diameter Round Woven Fiberglass,

$1.95 per foot

3/8'' (10.0mm) diameter Round Woven Fiberglass,
$2.95 per foot 

$2.45 per foot


Auto Motor Primer Wicks


Auto Motor Primer Wick, asbestos.  I take no responsibility for the use of asbestos.   See instructions here.


Auto Motor Heater Wick, cotton.  3/4" x 8". 


3/4'' Diameter Smudge Pot, Tiki Torch wicks are the same
as the Auto Motor Heater wick above.

Lamp Wicks by Manufacturer

Alphabetical List; Package of 3 wicks

to determine what width wick you need

ZIPPO Lighter Wicks & Hand Warmer Replacement Burners
Zippo Lighter Wicks, Individual Card, one each per card


Zippo Outdoor Line Hand Warmer Replacement Burner (Silver)



When ordering lamp wicks, please measure the width of the wick slot on the bottom of the burner as shown at right in order to get the proper wick for your lamp.  It is your responsibility to order the right size wick - I cannot do it for you.  DO NOT ASSUME that all #2 size burners used the same size wick, for example.  Various manufacturers over the past 150 years have labeled their burners according to their whim - there were no industry-wide standard dimensions.  Measure, please.  It is easy.

Duplex wick lamps often use a "helper wick" between the two wicks used for burning.  The "helper wick" is inserted through a loop between the two main wicks and each "tail" falls into the fuel.  The fuel in the "helper wick" is passed to the main wicks where they touch just below the burner so more fuel is available to the top of the wick, hence the lamps burn brighter.  The helper wick should be a minimum of 18'' long and many people use a 2 foot length of helper wick.  So, with a 2 foot long helper wick and two 1 foot long main wicks, a total of 4 feet of wick is needed to properly wick a Duplex burner lamp.


There is a small air vent in virtually all lamp burners, which is a safety feature to keep air pressure equal in the tank even with a solid fill plug.  The vent hole must be keep clean and clear of obstruction.  The photograph at left shows the bottom of a duplex burner, but single wick burners also have a vent. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

When ordering flat lamp wicks, please measure the width of the wick slot as shown at left in order to get the proper wick for your lamp.  It is your responsibility to order the right size wick.

Burner Repair.  See the three star wheels attached to the shaft in each wick slot above? Those cog toothed star wheels must turn in fairly precise slots, and if one tooth is bent the wick will only turn back and forth until the bent tooth hits the side of the slot.  Look closely and you should be able to identify the bent tooth.  Gently push the errant tooth back into alignment with a thin bladed screwdriver, then try the wick raising knob again. It may take a few tries, but it is often possible to make a seemly broken flat wick burner work again just like new.  This is also the time to gently push any dents in the fairing above the wick back into place, which will result in a smooth air flow over the wick and thus a nice, even flame.  Be gentle.  All of these parts are usually brass.

The comments below are from Dick Stauffer, who has encyclopedic knowledge of lamps, is honest and a gentleman - my highest praise.

"After some research, I find that all kerosene burners had some sort of vent system. The most common today on flat wick burners is the little tube that runs along the main wick tube. This allowed the vapor that builds up in the font as the lamp heats up to vent directly to the wick where is is burned. Others just have a hole that vents into the screened area of the burner. Central draft lamps evidently were vented by the spaces around the wick riser though Royals do have a small hole under the tab in the base for a direct vent. All these vent holes HAVE to be kept clean. I make a point now to go over the burners I use VERY carefully with the vent and air flow systems particularly in mind. I think it was fairly common for these holes to get plugged up by the gummy residue from the cheap kerosene."           Dick Stauffer 

Click here for"Wickless" Kindler Stove wicks.
(See chart for width and length needed)

At left is a scan of an old Victory Asbestos Wick box.  The wick in the box was made to fit the old Boss and Perfection gravity flow, wick edge-burning stove designs known as "wickless" stoves, and wicks for them are available on the "wickless stove" page.  The new Butterfly edge-burning stoves are copies of the 70+ year old Boss design.  Good illustration of an eagle with the burning edge wick in it's mouth.


I do not sell taper candle wicking or wicks for small string or rope wick is almost too easy to make your own and save a fortune in wick costs.  Candle wicks can be made from any pure cotton string or twine - available in almost every hardware store. Thick string will provide more light, and is more suitable for larger diameter candles. Use a thin string for taper or votive candles. For small "night light" kerosene lamps, 9/64" cotton twine is very inexpensive and will fit most small kerosene night lights.

One of the greatest discoveries of the early 1800's was that cotton wicking treated with boric acid did not "sputter" when burned.  It is easy to make boric acid and "treat" your own cotton wicking material.  I "treat" whole skeins of cotton string at a time and use it in candles I make with my solar melter.  Wear gloves.

Take a roll or ball of cotton string and find a container into which it will fit completely, but not with a lot of excess room. Then make a solution of one (1) tablespoon of salt and two (2) tablespoons of Borax per cup of boiling water -- that IS the boric acid solution. Weigh down the ball of string in the container so it won't float up (find a rock) and pour in the boric acid solution, making sure you have enough to completely cover the cotton string. Let is soak for several days, then let it dry in the sun for several more days. If there are excess salt crystals covering the string, just wash them off with water and dry the ball of string again. Now you have the wicking necessary for making a lot of candles, cheap and easy! 

*Please note that boric acid made with salt as above is not the same as stronger boric acid purchased in liquid form.  Boric acid has many uses and can be toxic at higher concentrations.  Look it up and read the precautions.

Melting the wax or paraffin in a solar oven negates even having to use any energy to melt the wax!  I've used the solar oven I built years ago to make thousands of candles.  Of course a solar oven only "works" from May through September in the Northern Hemisphere, but they can melt at least 9 pounds of wax or paraffin a day to over 200 F, which makes candle production a relatively high speed operation.  For more information on this process, see my instructions at

British Round wick measurements
RW166 - 3mm - 1/8"
RW168 - 4mm - 5/32"
RW170 - 5mm - 1/4"
RW172 - 6mm - 15/64"
RW174 - 7mm - 9/32"
RW176 - 8mm - 21/64"
RW178 - 9mm - 23/64"
RW180 - 10mm - 25/64"
RW182 - 11mm - 7/16"
RW184 - 12mm - 1/2"



Wicks for kerosene space heaters, click here.

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Lamp Chimneys

Center Draft Wicks - many available only from this Wick Shop. #0C, #0S, #0L, #1B, #1M, #1R, #1S, #2M, #2L, #2R, #2 P&A, #2B, #3L.


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Kindler Wicking for stoves and heaters, 3/4'' to 1 1/2'', 5 1/2 foot rolls.

Lamp Chimneys:

Now many more chimneys!

Pixie to Kosmos, Duplex, center draft lamps up to store lamps and Angle lamp chimneys.

Premium Custom made Center Draft Lamp chimneys in borosilicate glass from Junior "Tiny" to Mammoth lamps.  #0M, Rayo Jr., 2 1/2", 2 5/8", 2 15/16", 3 1/8", 4", 4 1/2"

20''` neoVulcan Matador - New!

Globe Vulcan (Central Vulcan) Chimneys
- 16''', 18''', 24''' & 30''' CHIMNEYS AND WICKS

Fabulous "Sans Rival" borosilicate chimney for 14''' Kosmos lamps

Student Lamp Sans Rival Chimney with 1 7/8" fitter!!!

Angle Lamp chimneys

Sonnenbrenner Lamp Chimneys

Incredible list of chimney sizes and the lamps they fit, from an early Macbeth catalog

Lamp Chimneys - Dimension of nominal base diameter by make, model and "line".

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