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Lamp Wicks:

Center Draft Wicks - Wicks available only from this Wick Shop.

Flat lamp wicks

Aladdin Lamp Wicks & parts

Lamp Chimneys:

Center Draft Lamp chimneys
from "Tiny" Junior to Mammoth lamps.

Fabulous "Sans Rival" borosilicate chimney for 14''' Kosmos lamps

Student Lamp Sans Rival Chimney with 1 7/8" fitter!!!

Standard glass lamp chimneys

Sonnenbrenner Lamp Chimneys

Information on lamps:

Center Draft Kerosene Lamps
(Photos, information and history, etc)

Photos of restored center draft lamps 

Care, Feeding and Restoration of Center Draft Lamps (and wick installation for many)

Center Draft Lamp manufacturers and brand names

Lamp Chimneys - Dimension of nominal base diameter by make, model and "line".

Early American Metal Font & Specialty Lamps

Aladdin Lamp History

Aladdin Lamp Wicks & Chimneys,

Aladdin - Exploded burner views

Kosmos-Brenner lamps and wicks

Flame Spreaders and "Smoke Consumers" from Alex Marrack

  • Vulcan, Imperial, Veritas, Belgian, Hinks, Messenger's, Young's Court, etc.

    Articles by Alex Marrack:

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Kerosene Heaters

Alphabetical list of most kerosene heaters and the proper wick, & cart checkout.

List by wick number and the heaters that fit them. (A helpful guide for buying on eBay)

Measurements needed if you have an unlisted heater.

Care and Maintenance of Kerosene Heater Wicks

Installing Kerosene Heater Wicks - generic for unpinned wicks

Owner's_Manuals & information for many kerosene heaters

Kerosene Heaters - General types, how they work, recommendations for some good ones - and those I would avoid.

Economic Benefits of Kerosene Heaters

Kerosene Heater Safety

Regular maintenance   

Troubleshooting kerosene heater common problems

Breaking In New Kerosene Appliances

Burning Kerosene Heaters at Night

WATER IN KEROSENE causing "dwindling" and poor performance.

Flame Spreader Heaters and Lamps -
A Century of Excellence

Kerosene Heater Carts -
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Kerosene Fuel Primer 

Sweet Smelling Kerosene

Kerosene tank cradles (photo) Building a Cradle



Beatrice Boiling Stoves & Mini kerosene heaters you can make

Sad Iron stoves; Wicks & Installation instructions

Wicking For Oil Burning "WICKLESS" Stoves & Ranges

Photo Album

Photos of Wicks

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Kerosene Stoves, Lanterns and Ovens

Kerosene Stoves -

 Recommendations on different models 

Kerosene Stove Maintenance and Storage

Butterfly A-822, 22 wick
, all-aluminum premium stove.   

Butterfly #2487, 16 wick stove Butterfly #2412 Pressure Stove; instructions for virtually any pressure stove.

Butterfly #2418 Double Burner Stove; good with any gravity flow stove.

Butterfly #2421 Oven for Kerosene Stoves

Butterfly #2641, 10 Wick Stove -
the least expensive emergency stove.

Butterfly #2698 Cook Stove -
THE Best Heavy Duty Cook Stove.

Butterfly #828R Pressure Lantern;
same for most pressure lanterns.

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World's Largest Selection of Wicks!
      Wicks for virtually every heater, stove and lamp made since 1850

Photo Album

Lamps, Lanterns and Chimneys

(Photos of Center Draft Lamp Flame Spreaders)

Kerosene Lamp Chimneys (on lamps) that I carry in stock

 Kerosene Lamps and Lanterns        

CENTER DRAFT LAMPS, by diameter of wick.  Wicks available on the lamp wick page.  #0C, #0S, #0L, #1B, #1M, #1R, #1S, #2L, #2P&A, #3L

  • A collection of large table lamps to show relative size, with wick numbers they require. Left to right: Den Haan 14''' (2 5/8" flat), B&H Trophy (insert fount) (#2L), Hugo Schneider (insert fount) (#2L), New Rochester size 0 pedestal, Veritas duplex (1 1/16"), L&B 14''' pedestal, L&B 20''' (#1S), Hinks 45 cp Annular (#1S), P&A Royal #2P&A), B&H Imperial Banquet (insert) (3 5/8" flat), and Success Stand Lamp #2 (#1S).   From my collection.

  • Brass pedestal banquet lamp lineup.  L - R.  Parker, Hinks Annular, Veritas, Young's Court, B&H Imperial.

  • Miller hanging lamps for size comparison:  Rochester store lamp, Juno #2 and Tiny Miller. From my collection.

  • Finger lamps. A collection. Left to right; Hinks Coronation hand  lamp, P&A Royal #1, Vintner's Lamp, Juno, W&W, two Baby Rochester's, Miller, Rochester.

#OC - Student Lamps

#0S - Miniature lamps. (3/4" nominal diameter)


  • Ditmar "Arde."   Perhaps the cheapest construction of any of my lamps.  From my collection.

#1R - Rayo Jr.

  • Rayo Jr: Flame spreader; lamp lighted.     From my collection.

  • Rayo Jr.  Lighted.  From my collection.

  • Junior lamp lineup:  Far left: Rayo Junior;  2nd from left: Miller Juno Junior;  3rd from left: Bradley & Hubbard Junior;  Right: Plume & Atwood Royal finger lamp (As far as I know, the only size #1 finger lamp. Everyone else made only size #0 finger lamps).  Owned and photographed by Alex Muzyka.

  • Lempereur & Bernard (L&B) Brevette lamp, unlighted, lighted.  Owned by Alex Muzyka.


#1S - Success Lamp Wicks (1 1/4" nominal diameter)  (New, super quality chimneys for these lamps.)

  • Success Stand Lamp #2Success lamp burning brightly with one of my new wicks. From my collection.

  • Young's "Court 20''' "Central Draught" unlighted, lighted with shade.  The Young's lamp used gear wheels to move the wick.  The thickness and weave of the wick is absolutely critical to proper function.  From my collection.

  • 18''' Gebrudder Brunner. FlameWick knob.  It is an Austrian made burner very similar to the Ditmar Sonnenbrenner. They were both probably made by the same company. The Gebrudder Brunner and Sonnenbrenner both use a carrier wick and a small piece of Success wick as the burn wick, When the burn wick gets burnt up, you simply replace a small piece because the carrier wick is still there. It is an interesting and unusual design. Owned and photographed by Alex Muzyka.

#1B - Belgian 20, Hinks and Veritas 20''', Radiant #4.

#2L - Rayo - 1 1/2" nominal diameter wick

  • B & H and P & A "Trophy" lamps - among the finest lamps ever made.  From my collection

  • Hugo Schneider, Leipzig, Germany.  Assembled, disassembledFrom my collection

  • B&H and Juno (Miller) #2 size hanging lamps.  From my collection.

  •    Size comparison, #3L Rochester store lamp and #2L B&H hanging lamp.

  • Perfection lamp, 1904. Center of back row.  This lamp became the "Rayo."  From my collection

  • New Rochester #2owned and beautifully restored by Gary & Laura MacPherson, Canada

  • Juno #2 burning with my new wick and borosilicate chimney.  Owned by Alex Muzyka.

  • Juno #2, patent date 1895, owned by Chip Delyria

  • Juno #2, another one.

  • New Juno #2 burning with my new wick and borosilicate chimney.   From my collection.

  • Rayo burning with my new wick and borosilicate chimney. Above 3 Sept. 3, 2010.  Owned by Alex Muzyka.

  • Rayo Trophy, 1905.  Unrestored.  From my collection.

  • Rochester Trophy, (with shade), 1886, with my new wick and borosilicate chimney.  From my collection.

#2P&A - Plume and Atwood, Royal.

#2B  1 1/2" Slightly thicker and 1 1/4" longer than the Rayo wick above, for Beatrice 4012. B&H Radiant #5; Miller Liberty, Empress, Dresden, Miller 2/0. These fit a Belgian 30''' lamp perfectly  (New, super quality chimneys for these lamps.)

  • Belgian 30'''.   Unlighted.  Large fount, often used as a parlor heater.  From my collection.

  • German "Intensiv Blitz Lampe", made by Bunt & Remmler in Frankfurt.  Lamp unlighted, lamp lighted, and wick knob.  Note the very unusual flared chimney.  This is a  hanging lamp set in a basket stand for photography. As with my B&H Imperial lamp, according to all reference material available this lamp does not exist - yet Alex Muzyka has one!  These are the first recorded photographs of this exceedingly rare lamp.  Thanks, Alex!

  • Hinks 30''' .  Note the magnificent base!   Owned by Alex Muzyka.

  • Hinks 20''' and 30''' compared.  The founts have the same "look," but note the sizes.  Owned by Alex Muzyka.

  • Miller Dresden.  Dresden in harp beside Tiny Miller.  From my collection.

  • Miller Liberty 2/0.  Owned by Dick Stauffer.

  • Hanging lamps:  Middle row:  P&A Plumwood; B&H Radiant #5; Miller Dresden.  From my collection.

  • Sherwood's English Sun lamp, and lighted.  "It is one of the largest 30''' lamps that I have seen so far. It uses an odd 3 1/2" chimney with a large tapered onion bulge."  Alex Muzyka.   This is a German lamp, most likely Hugo Schneider, imported and sold by Sherwood in England.  Lamp owned and restored by Alex Muzyka.

  • Veritas 30''' Small fount bracket lamp. Flame spreader. KnobWick assembly.  From my collection.

#3L - "Store" lamps, 2 9/16" nominal diameter wick.  (New, super quality chimneys for Mammoth lamps.)


Center Draft:

KOSMOS Type LAMPS:  Illustrated on the Kosmos-Brenner page.

Lamp Patents




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Wicks for kerosene space heaters, click here.


Alphabetical by manufacturer (roughly)

 ABC Lamp, photo 2

Angle Lamp, double.  Single, frosted.

Argand Heavy Oil

Bradley & Hubbard

B&H Piano lamp, electrified

Tiny B&H table lamp

Rayo Jr

Rayo Trophy

Radiant #4Early button flame spreader

Radiant #4 "Trophy" lamp

B&H #89 Mammoth Lamp

Ditmar "Arde."

Ditmar 18''' Gebrudder, wick knob

Ditmar Sonnenbrenner

Dressel railroad lamp

Dutch Spout Lamp

French Pump Lamp parts, assembled

Herman Frasch Patent No. 340,711,
April 27, 1886

William M. Hoerle  Patent No. 432,311 
July 15,1890

Little Jewel

Little Prince

Gebrudder Brunner, 18'''

Globe Incandescent #2

Handlan-Buck #30 Caboose lamp

Hinks 20''' and 30''' compared

Hinks 30''', 80 cp

Hinks Annular

Hinks Coronation Hand Lamp

Hinks Lift Gallery, Iris fuel fill

Hinks 45 cp table lamp

Hinks Annular 45 cp

Hinks Duplex Safety


Hugh Schneider apart, assembled

Lampereur & Bernard

L&B 15''' side draft, 1879

Lempereur & Bernard (L&B) Brevette 20'

L&B Brevette 20''', embossed.

L&B Belgian, 1883

L&B Belgian, 1883

L&B Railroad Station lamp

L&B Hand Lamp

Belgian 30'''

Messenger's 54 CP Annular


Dresden #1

Miller Finger Lamp

Miller's Vestal #1

Hanging Miller lamps

Oldfield Carriage Lamp

Parker Banquet

Perfection, 1904

Piano Reading Lamp

Plume & Atwood

Banner Electric

Banner #3 Store Lamp

Royal #1 Finger Lamp burning

Royal #1 Finger Lamp profile

Royal GWTW


Baby Rochester, photo 2

New Rochester Finger Lamp

Rochester Jr.

Rochester #2 replated

New Rochester #2 Trophy lamp

Rochester Store Lamp

Rochester Store lamp hanging, lighted

Rochester Store lamps compared, 1884 1st Model with lift gallery near burner, 2nd Model with wick raiser at bottom.

Other lamps:

Hugo Schneider #2 Lamp, and apart.

Sherwood Reading lamp

Solar Bicycle Lamp, right, back, disassembled

Success Stand Lamp #2


Veritas 20''' table lamp

Veritas 20''' Hanging Lamp.

Veritas 30'''

Veritas The Reader

Veritas Ideal Brenner 20'''

Wild & Wessel

French Garden Lamp

Little Globe Vulcan, 14'''

Globe Vulcan 18''' (Central-Vulkan Universallampe) with

18''' central draft Vulcan, Universallampe font

18''' Imperial burner on a P&A Duplex peg font.   Sitting in a base I made from cedar.

18''' Imperial, glass font

20''' Agni-Brenner

24''' Globe Vulcan

30''' Globe Vulcan as heater

30''' Globe Vulcan as lamp

30''' "Search" lamp, with a W&W Universallampe font, threads to fit a 30''' Globe Vulcan burner, but tall draft tube and burner for a circular wick . Very odd.

30''' Globe Vulcan  Univserallampe font

W&W Hand Lamp

W&W Hand Lamp, 10''' 

W&W 8''' solid brass beauty


Young's Court 20'''

Youngs' Court 30'''  Wick raiser

Wolf Mine Lamp



Magic Lantern  Photos 1, 2, 3, 4

French Garden Lamps.
   Wild & Wessel and another
    Three others Others

French Pump Lamp