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Kerosene Lamp Wicks - center draft, circular wicks

Sad Iron Stove Wicks

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Heaters made from Store Lamps & 1890's heaters

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  • Kerosene heater igniter #3

  • "EcoFan" for wood stovesThe difference in temperature between the base and the "fins" on the top creates enough electricity to turn a fan and circulate heat.  This fan has very limited use for kerosene heaters:  It cannot be use on a convection heater; it can be used on some radiant heaters which are not insulated on top, but not over open vent holes directly over the catalytic converter.  It works very well on an Aladdin Tropic, but the photo shows it cannot get enough heat to move on the well insulated Aladdin TR2000.   From my collection.

  • Kerowind electric fanThis all-metal fan can sit on top of a heater and help distribute the heat.  Note the vents on top: air is pulled down through the top, cooling the electric motor, and then blown through the circular 1/2" gap at the base of the unit, thus circulating heated air slightly toward the floor.  Note also that the electric cord is suspended on a wire rack to keep it away from the most intense heat.   From my collection.

  • Moonlighter reflectorShown sitting on top of a DC-100.  This reflector is designed to fit behind the glass chimney on a Moonlighter heater, reflecting heat toward the front while allowing the heater to be closer to a combustible wall or furnishings. The reflector is stainless steel with an insulation air space and an enameled back panel. It was designed to be attached to the grill.  From my collection.

  • 1918 Perfection heater advertisementNote the thrust of the advertisement:  A kerosene heater allowed a family to avoid crowds obtaining coal to heat their homes and thus avoid the influenza pandemic which ravaged the world, killing at least 20,000,000 people.  And now we have the possibility of an avian flu pandemic that could be far worse than the one in 1918!!!    From my collection.


Unusual Kerosene Heaters

  •       "Auto Motor Heater" from my collection.

  •       Auto Motor Heater diagram from my collection.

  •       Auto Motor Heater Primer Wick

  • photo, and available asbestos Priming Wick.
  •       Mini Kerosene Heaters (Brooder house, well pump house, etc) From my collection.

  •       English Greenhouse Heater  from my collectionUnique 2,100 BTU heater which uses two 1" wide wicks to provide the heat for the metal chimney.   Not for indoor use as they do have an aroma when burning.   Available for about $50 USD from
                    Norfolk Products
                    55 Wilbury Way
                    Hertforshire Sg4 Otw



  • Diesel truck tanks for kerosene storage (Old steel Mack truck 110 gallon tanks salvaged (i.e., free). I cleaned them up, painted them, then put them on cradles built from pressure treated 4 x 4'x and 2 x 4's for cross bracing.  A boiler valve with 1/2" clear vinyl tubing allows containers to be filled by gravity flow.  They have worked like a charm since I set them up in 1999.





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Kerosene Stoves, Lanterns and Ovens

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  • Kerosene Stove Maintenance and Storage  
  • Butterfly A-822, 22 wick, all-aluminum premium stove.   New!
  • Butterfly #2487, 16 wick stove
  • Butterfly #2412 Pressure Stove;
  • instructions for virtually any pressure stove.
  • Butterfly #2418 Double Burner Stove;
  • good with any gravity flow stove.
  • Butterfly #2421 Oven for Kerosene Stoves
  • Butterfly #2641, 10 Wick Stove -
  • the least expensive emergency stove.
  • Butterfly #2698 Cook Stove -
  • THE Best Heavy Duty Cook Stove. 
  • Butterfly #828R Pressure Lantern;
  • same for most pressure lanterns.