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For Perfection Superfex Burner in Perfection Oil Cook Stoves, Ranges and Water Heaters

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History of the Perfection Stove Company

No factory-made Perfection 441X Superfex wicks  have been available for many years, but wicks can be made to fit those giant burners! 

I had 3 5/8" flat wicks made in England by Hattersley especially for me. Those wicks are amazingly versatile and will keep the large Superfex burners working when nothing else is available.   Click on any photo to enlarge.      

At left, an original Perfection 441 wick. The carrier is 5" in diameter.

On the right is the solution - 3 5/8" flat wicks.

At left, a view of the bottom of an original Perfection 325 wick, the same basic design as the 441 wick.  The metal tabs are gently pried up with a flat bladed screwdriver and the old wick pulled out from the top, as shown at right.

The two 3 5/8" wide wicks shown above right are 8" long.  Sew the ends together using a zig-zag stitch, then make a circle and zig-zag the two remaining ends. You will then have a circle of wick 3 5/8" high with a diameter of 4 7/8" - perfect for slipping into the carrier after the old wick is removed.

Make sure the wick fits under the tabs uniformly, all the way to the bottom, as shown at right.  The tabs can then be crimped back on the wick with a pair of pliers, but they can also crimp the folded edge of the tab too tightly.  It is better to push the top of the tab down with a flat bladed screwdriver until it is tight against the wick.  That will ensure the tabs can be bent out again to accept another new wick.  The new wick can then be installed following the directions below.

Two (2) 3 5/8" x 8" wicks to be sewn together to make a wick for the Perfection Superfex burner. The wicks are available on my flat wick page.  Use the thick 3 5/8" wick. $9.75 per wick.  Change quantity to "2" on checkout basket below.





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