RADIANT KING Kerosene Heater Wicks










Unique Specialty wicks
for 19th Century lamps


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World's Largest Selection of Wicks!
      Wicks for virtually every heater, stove and lamp made since 1850

Orders received before Noon EDT mailed same day!
 Except Sunday and Holidays*

RADIANT KING Kerosene Heater Wicks

The finest quality, longest lasting CUI wicks - made by Hattersley in England! 
Wicks are individually packaged, include instructions and mailed worldwide.


RK-55 (W506F)



RK-70, RK-75 (W261F); RK-110 (W261F)



RK-100S (W361F)



RK-120, RK-155 (W511F); RK-220, RK-250 (W512F)



RK-420, RK-450 (W713F)



RK-500C (W712F)



Wicks #20, 20B and 35 for Canada and overseas delivery only.  Postage costs, especially for packages, took a huge jump in price on Jan. 27, 2013.  Wicks #20, 20B and 35 weigh almost a pound each. I will not raise postage costs for all other wicks just to cover the cost of heavy boxed wick postage for out-of-US delivery.  Boxed wicks #20, 20B and 35 for out-of-US delivery, $3.00 per wick extra required. $5.00 per wick for Canada & overseas shipping only


Use Igniter #1


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