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Tens of thousands of heaters have been sold during the past 60 years which were given names and model numbers only used in Australia, but the same heaters were often sold under different names and model numbers in other parts of the world.  Quality replacement wicks are readily available - my wicks are made in England by Hattersley. 

The list below does not include heaters sold in Australia and New Zealand which are listed on other pages of this web site, such as those sold as Aladdin, Corona and Toyoset brands.  A listing of all heaters by name brand is on the left side on this page.   For a listing of  heaters sold with European brand name and model numbers, click here.       Postage cost from USA to Australia, click here.

 Page updated April 23, 2021

The finest quality CUI wicks - made by Hattersley in England!  Wicks shipped worldwide from Oregon, USA.  Question? Click here

Igniter #1 for most heaters below              Photos of wicks


Igniters for Sanyo heaters:  Either IG-2 (pull type) or IG-3 (push type) were used in various Sanyo heaters.  See the Igniter List illustrations for a visual comparison with your igniter.
Wicks using standard Australian "R" numbers >>

R3 85mm


There were kerosene heaters sold in Australia which had brand names which only survived a year or two.  They used common wick diameters and lengths as established by Japanese heater manufacturers in the early 1980's, no pins, and the wicks would universally fit many heaters.  The wicks themselves could be marked with the wick diameter, as in XXX-95-3-R indicating a 95mm wick.  These wicks are straight, fiberglass top section with a cotton bottom section joined with a cloth band, and no pins! 

Later additions were pinned wicks #R3A and R9A, and two-piece wick #R11.

My wicks are made in England by Hattersley to exacting specifications.

R3A - 85mm w/ 3 pins


R4 - 85mm  $10.95

R5 - 95mm $9.95

R6 - 75mm $9.95

R9 - 65mm $9.95

R9A - 65mm w/ 3 pins


R12; two piece mechanical wick, 95mm dia.


R11,  two piece mechanical wick, 85mm diameter $26.95

Heater name and model number

Cost @


Click to order

Aladdin Blue Flame heaters - Click here.


Aladdin Happy

R5 - $9.95

Calor 23H   65mm wick, R9

R9 - $9.95

Chevron TSK-709; KSC 221M & HAPPY AUTO Ksy 227A


Chevron  TSK-600, 605, 605B, 608, 609 (Sold by Woolworths Ltd Australia, Made in Japan by Toyokuni Company Ltd) (95mm unpinned wick)

R5 - $9.95

Colton Heater-Cooker1951 advertisementOwner's Manual, thanks to Peter Brickell.  The Colton was made and sold in Australia after WW II.    
CORONA: SXL, SX1, SX2, SX2C, RX160X, RX250, RX260X, SX1100X, SX2100, SX2100X, AX, SX100 (SX2100 wick)

R6 - $9.95

Corona SX-B21, SX-B21A and the new SX-B2412Y; RX2370 (France), SX-B21 (&A) (Australia), RX25,  RX23UK (UK), SX-2e (US);  "Ruby First" (UK).  [Virtually all Corona radiant  heaters made since 1998 use this wick.]   [2 9/16" (65mm) diameter, 3 clips 2 3/4" from top]   In France this wick is sold as a Petrowick 2000.


Email YR 7500R

R6 - $9.95

Email Model YR10,000R, YR10,000V, 10,000; Fyrside By Email YRI 10,000V (95mm wick)


Email Co. Fyrside stove made in Australia from 1948 to 1953 (and later, apparently). Gravity feed from glass bottle.  Where the wick fits the inside diameter is 3.46 and the outside diameter is 3.77 with the depth of the bowl slot for the wick being 1.244."  Cut length to 11 1/2 inches.


@ roll

Everglow COMPA (A); KSC 221 [A];

R5 - $9.95

Fujika 157A; KSG 175, 157A

R6 - $9.95

Fujika LOVE 225; COMPA 221, 227; YOUNG, SUNNY 225 Love, KSC 221A, KSG157A, KSG175,  K50221A, KSP221M, KSP 229M,    KSM 221M

R5 - $9.95

Fyrside TYP, YRP 7500

R6 - $9.95

Fyrside YRP 10000; YRP 10000 R; 10000 T

R5 - $9.95

Fyrside YRP 10000 V   (Fit 1/2 inch higher in carrier)

R5 - $9.95

Fyrside YR10000, YR10000R, YR10000V, YR10000T, YRP10000T (95mm diameter circular wick)


I do not have wicks for : Email 545 YRJ9000; Fyrside YRJ 9,000; National OS 201R, OS 206R+208R, OS 212R, OS 1,000R I now have an OS 206R heater and new wicks and am working on obtaining the proper wicks for these heaters.  (Some of these heaters used a 9 1/2'' long rope-like wick woven through plates with spaced holes, whereas others with the same model numbers used 1 3/8'' kindler wicking. Click here to see what the kindler wicking looks like.) ` `
GMG GWKH-2310; GWKH-2310 kerosene heater  (R5 - 95mm)


Hacomatic RSA 2

R3 - $9.95

Hacomatic RSA 8  (Photo of labelPhoto of heater.)

R6 - $9.95

Happy AUTO 227A   [Wick R5]

R5 - $9.95

Hitachi (95MM) OVH A250S, -A521; 425.

R5 - $9.95

Kerona TS-77, "tm88 camp heater,"  KSP-231C, WKH-3300 and similar-appearing heaters. Kerona Kerosene Heater Convection Heater & Cooker 9,000 BTU 2,600W


Lane's Thermil Blue Flame Stove, made in OZ in the early 1950's.  Uses Valor W44 wick or #2T wick in existing wick sleeve (Listed on Valor page).  See photo of stove, wick, operating instructions and parts diagram by clicking on the blue links. 
Leader 74 & 75

R5 - $9.95

Love Fujica 225

R5 - $9.95

Malleys Warma, sold in Australia in the late 1940's through the 1950's. Sold in the UK as the ''Paul Warma."  Some of these heaters were marked under the top lid  as "Blue Pennant" and others may have been sold in New Zealand by "Shell."  (Click for photo of heater.)  (Click for operating instructions. (5 1/2 ft, 1 3/8" edge burning wick, NOT rope wick. Click here to see what the wicking looks like.) Cut length to 12'' to fit.) $19.95
@ roll

Maltese N.E.C. 

R5 - $9.95

Mark Raymond 215A  (cut to fit or use the R11 wick above)

R3 - $9.95

Mark Raymond 160; 250; 260; MR 2103L.  (R5 wick)

R5 - $9.95

Mark Raymond MR 500, MR 600, MR 700, MR 800, MR 900.  
Wick looks like this

95mm diameter (143mm across cloth band) - measure first.  If wick is 85mm diameter (133mm across cloth band) use wick #10.)


Mitsubishi 152,  181  [R6 wick]

R6 - $9.95

Mitsubishi 232A; KB 134; 250, 2302RX

R5 - $9.95

National OS-12     


National OS-161,161X, 161XB  (75mm mechanical wick. Photo of wick click here)  


National OS 170RX; OS 1704RX; OS 1702RX (South Africa)  (National heaters were made by Matsushita Electrical in Japan.   Sold as Panasonic in U.S.)

R6 - $9.95

National OS-22A; OS-222; 2300R, OS224EX.  R11 wick.  85mm (16-2P) (Photo of wick


National OS-24; OS220R1X; OS222RD, OS 2202 RX.   R12 wick; two piece mechanical wick, 95mm. (15-2P) 


National OS 200R 

R3 - $9.95

National OS 2000R     R3 wick


National OS 2306RX; OS 2302RX; OS 2301RX; OS 2300R; OS 2203RX (1/4" higher in carrier).   (Original AU wick  number R5 AOS-420-2130A.)

R5 - $9.95

National OS 2203 - (Fit 1/2 inch higher in Carrier)  (95mm, no pins)

R5 -$9.95

Nissei "Miky Oh,"  "Hyper Clima."  2900 watt heater. (Their wick marked #P-A65W, 100930).  My wick fits your existing wick sleeve.  Installation instructions click here, page 10.  (Click for heater photo)


Nissei NCH S36GD   (Note: Replacement wick fits over existing wick sleeve.) Sold in Malta.


Nissei NDH-S47X; unconfirmed; 4 3/4'' (120mm) diameter wick, no pins.  Wick looks like this (<click).  Please confirm your old wick is pinless and 7 1/2'' wide (190mm) across the cloth band when pressed flat before ordering the wick.


Paseco WKH-2310 Kerosene Camping Heater; PET  (95mm, no pins)

R5 -$9.95

PASECO WKH-22G; WKH-23; KERONA WKH-4400 Portable Kerosene Heater Convection Heater 23,000 BTU 6,500W (120mm wick, 3 pins)


PASECO WKH-100; WKH-100A & S; WKH-110; (85mm, no pins)

R4 - $10.95

Peter Pan 26EU

R3 -$9.95

POD - Swedish POD Junior;  (POD3); 3k/7k military model (M2842-062010)
Pod 2, 2K, 5K, 7K, 61, 62, 62K, 65, 76K,
"Ge-Hå"  & Top. Without carrier, re-use old carrier for economy. Also Eltex 1504.  (See the POD Jr. page - click here.)


POD 8K/SEL, 60 line wick complete with carrier - boxed wick.   $26.95

POD 8K - Aladdin Blue Flame - Valor 600 Wick cleaner (Cleans & shapes wick surface)


SAGA - Model 200 

R3 - $10.95

Sanyo OHR G25A; OHR G25B; OHR G25S, -25SBA, -28H; OHW 953R   [No pins. Wick 3 3/8" (85mm, R4 wick) in diameter, 5 1/2" wide measured flat.] {Note: some Sanyo heaters marked OHR G25A or S use the R5, 95mm wick below.}

R4 - $10.95

Sanyo OHR 255BA, OHR 26H  [No pins. Wick 3 3/8" (85mm) in diameter, 5 1/2" wide when measured flat.]   (For more Sanyo listings, click here.)

R4 - $10.95

Sanyo ORH 26H  (3 pins in wick) (R4)

R4 - $10.95

Sanyo OHR-G28S,   [No pins. Wick 3 3/4" (95mm) in diameter, 6 1/8" wide when measured flat.] [R5 wick]

R5 - $9.95

Sanyo OHR G23H; OHW 65A; Calor 23H; OHR-H16A  (R9 wick)

R9 - $9.95

Sanyo Sable

R3 - $9.95

Sharpe Small HSR 70A; HSR 70E; HSR 051  

R6 - $9.95

Sharpe HSR 207B; HSR 208B; HSR 10A; HSR 10E; HSR 14E; HSR 14F; HSR 20; HSR 41D; HSR 48D; HSR 73A; 207, 207B, 208, 208B, 210; HEO 51; HEO 58; HT 101  (R5 wick) More Sharp heaters.

R5 - $9.95

Spinifex Kerosene Heater By Anaconda

R5 - $9.95

Toyotomi, Zibro-Kamin and other heaters sold in Europe, North America, click here.
Toyoset RSA -2, 21, 24-1   (Photos of wicks - click here) (85mm diameter wick, no pins)

R3 - $9.95

Toyoset (RSA-24A, early models with unpinned wicks, use wick #1D.  RSA-24A with pinned wick, use wick #R3A above.)  (You MUST check to see if the wick is pinned or not!  The model number RSA-24A identifies the heater cabinet, NOT the specific wick required.)

#1D - $9.95

Toyoset RCA-28B; RSA-21, RSA-24, -28 [4 1/8" (105mm) diameter, no pins]

R28 - $9.95

Toyoset RCA-11, -26, -66, -86; RSA -26, -66, -68;  (R9A wick)

R9A - $9.95

Toyoset DC-60, -80; KSA-851F; DR-86; RC-41; RCA-80, -80DX, -680, R30A;  RSA-30. (R3A wick)

R3A - $10.95

Valor MR 160; MR 250  (More Valor heaters here)

R5 - $9.95

Viscount 3000, 30002

R3 - $9.95

Wattmaster OS224EX 

R11, 12 $26.95

Wild Country  (95 +/- 2mm by 170mm +/- 5mm long) (Photo of heater) (Photo of wick)

R5 - $9.95

* I mail all orders every day.  Some packages are delivered in 7 days, some take longer, depending on how long they are held in Aussie Customs.  Generally, there is no requirement to pay duty and Goods and Services Tax (GST) on imported goods valued at or below A$1,000.  

Postage to OZ for wicks:

Postage costs to Australia from Oregon, USA are by the amount of purchase.  Postage costs increased substantially in May, 2020.  Amounts listed are in US dollars. The ''weight segments'' of postage fees also changed dramatically.  For example, 1 to 8 ounces are the same cost - $16.95.  Nine ounces to 2 pounds are the same rate - $26.95. Two R4, R5 and R6 wicks weigh less than 9 ounces, for example, so two of those wicks can be shipped for the same $16.95 cost.  A Perfection 500/Valor 525 wick costs $11.95 and weighs 7 ounces, so two of those wicks combined in the same package cost $26.95 to mail 1st Class to Australia.. and up to 5 Perfection/Valor 500/525 wicks still weigh less than 2 lbs and can go for the same $26.95. 

Some lighter wicks do cost more than heavier, less expensive wicks, and in those cases I refund the excess paid as all I want to do is break even on postage paid and my postage cost.  I have absolutely no influence over the International Postal Rate Commission so it is not my fault that postage rates are so high.

Postage to OZ for wicks (Chimneys can be more because of bulk and sturdy packaging).  This is now the actual cost of postage from the USA to OZ!!!!!

1st Class Postage costs From (USD) To (USD) Rate (USD)

$0.01 to $22.00 is $16.95 = ( .5 oz to 8 oz). This can be one or two wicks.  Two wicks #7X, for example, just fit under the 9 ounce limit.

$22.01 to $46.00 is $26.95 = (9 oz to 2 lbs). This can be up to six wicks.  Depends upon the wick. The Perfection 500 wick weighs more than 6 oz, two are 12 oz and just 2 of those wicks cost $26.95...but up to 5 Perfection 500 wicks go for $26.95. It is insane but I did not make the rules.

$46.01 to $69.00 is $45.95 = (2 lbs to 3 lbs). Flat wicks can weigh up to 5 oz each, 48 oz / 5 = 9 wicks.

$69.01 to $99.00 is $64.95 = 3 to 4 lbs.

$99.01 and up = Over 4 lbs.

NOTE:  There are some combinations of wick purchases which can cause the rate charged at checkout to be more than the actual cost of shipping.  In that case I always refund the excess paid.

Weigh per wick:

R3, R3A, R4,R6, R9, R9A = 3 oz each.

R5 = 4 oz each.

R11, R12 = 12 oz each.

R28 and 120mm wide wicks = 6 oz each.





Just letting you know what a success the new wick is. Installed it today and it is running like a charm.

 Wow, how much difference a new wick makes to the clean operation of a kero heater. So for anyone out there from Australia who is experiencing the same as I had, smelly and lack lustre operation, this will fix it…..  Thanking you heaps…..  James Tom





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