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PERFECTION Kerosene Heater Wicks

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See Perfection Heater Wick Installation for information taken directly from an original Perfection instruction page.  Includes a lot of photos, Perfection brochures, etc.

History of the Perfection Stove Company

Please e-mail me for additional information.   PHOTOS OF WICKS


"500" Wick; Will fit models 110, 120, 130, 135, 140, 150, 160, 170, 210, 220, 230, 240, 260, 270, 510, 520, 525, 530, 560, 630, 660, 700, 730, 735, 770, 750G, 780, 790, 810, 822, 1525, 1527, 1630, 1632, 1700, 1701, 1702, 1703, 1710, 1714. [2 9/16" cotton wick in 2 3/4" slotted steel sleeve]   {Out-of-US delivery see below.}  [It is impossible to list all Perfection heater model numbers that used the Perfection 500 wick.  In general, all HEATERS in the series of 100, 200, 500, 600, 700, 800, 1500, 1600 and 1700 models and up used the Perfection 500 wick - everything but the 300 and 400 series heaters.]  




ALTERNATIVE:  You can keep an old Perfection, Wards, Barler, Valor, Savoil D-81 (Ypsilanti, MI) or other Perfection clones.  The United Stove Company D-81 has a unique wick sleeve that goes inside wick #3L.   This wick works perfectly with the steel sleeve in all Perfection heaters. When measured flat, wick is approx 4 3/16" wide and 8" long.  The rivets and old wick are removed and the wick is then sewn into the carrier just like sewing on a button. Sew with 1 5/8" (40mm) exposed above carrier.  When wick burns down, cut threads, raise wick to expose 1 5/8" more wick, and reattach.   NOTE:  The US Stove Co. #81 has an inside sleeve.  Use this wick with your existing sleeve.



PSR-8; 80W



PSR-10; 100W



PSR-15; 150W    May no longer be made.  Cannot find more.



Perfection 300 and 400 series heaters:  Complete instructions and photos, go to this page.




Cook Stove, 331X; heaters #11 & 11B; Ivanhoe (#61 & #62); 193; 320A;   New Perfection Model 31, 37, 81, 82 & 810. Perfection KP10 (Check wick diameter, sleeve should be 3 1/4" diameter.)  Also Perfection clones such as Puritan, Clark-Jewel; Direct Action; New Process; Diktator; New Favorite; some Sears and Wards; Dangler; Savoil; some Quickmeal; Miller; Windsor; E-z-est-Way.  [3 1/4" diameter steel carrier, wick does not extend below the carrier - see photo]  -- New Wicks made with the original equipment to original specifications.  Perfection Appliances - the 331X wick (Catalogs, info) 




The Wards "Porto" heater (#7407600A or 84076600A) appears to be a variation of the Perfection 325 fount, but it was actually unique unto itself.  The Porto Heater wick sleeve is 2.6'' outside diameter. If the wick sleeve in your Wards Porto looks like the one at right (it is upside down in the photo) and the outside diameter is 2.6'' inches, I can now make custom-made wicks that will fit the Porto. The "United Stove Co. D-81 is a mirror of the Porto heater.  The Porto font and wick sleeve look like this >>>  with an extension for the wick below the reservoir. $14.95

Sleeve WANT TO EXPERIMENT with a Perfection 500 wick sleeve?  I have new, undamaged wick sleeves that have just had the wicks removed.  2 3/4'' diameter. $2.95 each.  Click photo to enlarge.

Mica Large Mica window (4'' x 5") for Perfection heaters that have windows. These are NOT the glass chimneys for art deco design Perfection heaters. Easily cut with scissors to fit individual heaters.  No notches; heavyweight mica.  $7.95 each.



Perfection 441X Giant Wicks for Superfex burner - go here




Igniter #1  ((P5R)


**Note:  There were some stoves made which resembled the Perfection cook stove (Ivanhoe, etc), but they did NOT use the Perfection 331X wick.  The Miller No. 666, Adelphia, Clark Jewel, Dangler, Enterprise, Favorite, New XLCR, Peerless, Quick Meal, Superior and Windsor used a wick which is visually the same as the 3 1/4" wide Perfection 331X wick, but is in fact 3 1/2" wide and is not interchangeable.

Using an all cotton wick, the instructions usually given for kerosene heater wicks do not apply, as modern kerosene heaters use a fiberglass fiber topped wick.  The Perfection 500 wick cannot be "burned dry," or the wick itself will burn down 1/4" or so; after that happens a few times, the wick is too short to use and must be replaced.


Perfection heaters use a flame spreader, being designed before the advent of catalytic converters.  Combined with a cotton wick, the fuel used must be carefully chosen.  Clear 1K kerosene burns cleanly, but "Low Odor Mineral Spirits" burn much more cleanly and give a longer wick life, just as with circular wick lamps of the same vintage, such as the B & H, Rayo, and P & A lamps.  A fuel such as "Liquid Paraffin" will burn cleanly, but will also leave a paraffin residue in the "tails" of the wick, shortening wick life by inhibiting the capillary action necessary to "wick" fuel up to the top of the wick for proper combustion.

Perfection 525M

Perfection 735

Perfection 61

Perfection 500 from 1919


Different styles of Perfection 500 wick sleeves.  They fit the same heaters.

A typical font/reservoir and burner assembly using a Perfection 500 wick.  This photo is of a Valor font, but Perfection heaters are extremely similar.  Click on the photo to enlarge.



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