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  4. ALOHA

  5. ALP-2310





  10. A.P.I ARTURO

  11. AVANTI

  12. BANDO

  13. BARLER, Nesco

  14. BASIC



  17. BOSS


  19. Bunsen


  21. CANDLE



  24. CODEP





  29. CORONA

  30. COSY





  35. DIXIE


  37. DYNA GLO


  39. EASY

  40. EGAWA

  41. Email







  48. EUROPEAN HEATERS (other than Toyotomi)


  50. FANCO



  53. FUJIKA


  55. FUTURA

  56. Fyrside



  59. GERALD

  60. GLO



  63. Hacomatic

  64. HALLER


  66. HAMAI


  68. HANSON

  69. HARPER

  70. HART

    Handy Hearth


  73. HEAT-GLO


  75. HEAT-MOR


  77. HI SEAS 100C

  78. HIKARI


  80. Hotton

  81. HUSKY



  84. KACE & TAYWILL 50

  85. KAI (Kupanoff)

  86. Kenmore

  87. KENROY


  89. KERO JET


  91. KERONA


  93. KERO SUN





  98. KERRAY

  99. KETAC

  100. KEYMAR

  101. Kindler wicking



  104. KOGY and KOZY

  105. KSP


  107. Leader

  108. LEO PET


  110. LITWIN

  111. LOUDI

  112. MAGNUM

  113. Malleys Warma

  114. Mark Raymond

  115. MAXIM


  117. MEGA HEAT

  118. MILLER #451

  119. MITAKA

  120. Mr. Bar-b-q



  123. N.E.C.

  124. Nesco

  125. New Taylor

  126. NISSEI

  127. NOBLE





  132. NOVA

  133. PACICO

  134. Paseco



  137. Peter Pan

  138. PDQ

  139. POD


  141. PORTO

  142. PREMIER Heaters


  144. PRUSMAN

  145. Quick Meal

  146. R.M.C (Dyna Glo)


  148. RCA-100 & 200


  150. RELYAN


  152. Rival 90D

  153. ROBESON

  154. RUBY

  155. Saf-e-fire

  156. SAGA

  157. SAM-HWA


  159. SANYEI

  160. SANYO

  161. SEARS

  162. SENGOKU

  163. SHARP


  165. Spinifex

  166. STA-GLO

  167. SUN AIR GLO

  168. SUNBEAM



  171. SUNNY

  172. SUNNY-VOX


  174. SUNSTAR

  175. SUNWISE

  176. Swiss Tent Heater

  177. TAKO

  178. TATUNG

  179. TAYOSAN

  180. TEKNIKA

  181. TIMIT (Cyprus)

  182. Titan Industries

  183. TOSHIBA





  188. TOYOSET


  190. TURCO

  191. Turm L51 & L71

  192. "21ST CENTURY"

  193. UNION

  194. US Stove Co.


  196. VALOR

  197. VAN WICK

  198. Viscount


  200. WAL MART

  201. WARDS

  202. WARM MATE




  206. YEIH TUNG

  207. YUASA

  208. ZIBRO - KAMIN

  209.  Other European heater

    Finding a wick for an unlisted heater.

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Kerosene Heater Wicks:

Kerosene Heater Information:

I have had many reports of flame "dwindling" or poor performance of heaters.  This is caused by poor capillary action, the result of water in the fuel: It only takes a teaspoon of accumulated water to saturate the cotton lower portion of a wick.  Click here for some information or for a more complete explanation click here.

Kindler Wicking for stoves & heaters, 3/4'' to 1 1/2'', 5 1/2 foot rolls.

Auto Motor Heater & Tiki Torch wick

Finding a wick for an unlisted heater.

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Alpaca TS-909 Stove and emergency heater - in stock now. is the source for Butterfly stoves and pressure lanterns.

  • Kerosene Stoves - Recommendations on different models 
  • Building a Versatile Cooking Stand for kerosene stoves
  • Kerosene Stove Maintenance and Storage  
  • Butterfly A-822, 22 wick, all-aluminum premium stove.   
  • Butterfly #2487, 16 wick stove
  • Butterfly #2412 Pressure Stove;
  • instructions for virtually any pressure stove.
  • Butterfly #2418 Double Burner Stove;
  • good with any gravity flow stove.
  • Butterfly #2421 Oven for Kerosene Stoves
  • Butterfly #2641, 10 Wick Stove -
  • the least expensive emergency stove.
  • Butterfly #2698 Cook Stove -
  • THE Best Heavy Duty Cook Stove.  
  • Butterfly #828R Pressure Lantern;
  • same for most pressure lanterns.
  • Haller "Origineel" Stoves
  • Mini kerosene heaters;
  • also mini stoves made from old brooder lamps.
  • Sad Iron stoves;
  • examples of, and wick replacement.  Wicks are here.
  • "Wickless" Stoves & Ranges,
  • and the kindler wicking for them.

    Links to web sites for parts, information and restoration. 

    Miles Stair's new UTUBE Channel!

    Miles Stair's: Best place for buying Wicks and Tons of Kero Heaters Info from TheModernSurvivalist


    If you have questions, e-mail me at
    All information kept strictly confidential.

    Postage is added per the amount of purchase.  For US delivery, up to $9.00* is $4.95; $9.01 to $29.00 is $5.95 - usually two heater wicks and an igniter are mailed for a low $5.95 postage. First Class (up to 13 oz) or Priority Mail. Anything over 1/4'' thick must now be sent at the package rate, and now all packages weighing 8 ounces or less are the same postage cost.  It now costs as much to mail a 1/4 ounce igniter as it does a heavy wick!  I had held the line on what I charged for postage delivery for 10 years but this postage increase was just too much and I had no choice but to raise prices.

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    * I mail virtually every day from Oregon, USA, and delivery is as fast as I can make it happen via U.S. Postal Service 1st Class and Priority Mail.  Orders received before noon PDT are shipped that day, including Saturday, except under the most unusual circumstances.  No shipping on Sunday or holidays, of course, because the Post Office is closed.


    ** Wicks are gladly mailed mailed to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Viet Nam, etc. - ''worldwide'' with some obvious and necessary exceptions.  I will only mail wicks and other items to countries which have reliable mail delivery.  Some countries have a horrible delivery percentage and I will not ''give'' free products to thieving postal and customs employees.  The countries to which I WILL NOT mail products include Indonesia, India, any Persian Gulf or Middle East country except Israel, and no country on the African Continent.

    International addresses should be coded with Latin characters. Our labeling system cannot process different encoding like Cyril, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

    Overseas orders are limited to a MAXIMUM of 20 wicks per order (from 1 wick to 20 maximum) due to the greatly increased charges for International shipping in effect You are responsible for any import fees. (Additional postage may be required for large orders of boxed wicks.)

    Postage for orders is by the amount of purchase (different for destinations beyond North America (Priority Mail Upgrade)

    An e-mail confirmation is sent for each order received.

    * I mail virtually every day from Oregon, USA, and delivery is as fast as I can make it happen via U.S. Postal Service 1st Class and Priority Mail.  Orders received before noon PDT are shipped that day, including Saturday, except under the most unusual circumstances.  No shipping on Sunday or holidays, of course, because the Post Office is closed.

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    I primarily sell wicks made by Hattersley in England.  I reserve the right to substitute other brands of heater wicks where I have found them to be of high quality and value, such as original (OEM) Aladdin Blue Flame and Valor  heater and lamp wicks and most mechanical wicks. 

    I have many rare heater and lamp wicks made for me, and if the demand is too low to have a production run made I may make them myself.

    Hattersley (since 1834) has been making heater wicks for decades with the highest quality materials!   "The Japanese have developed their wicks solely around the refined kerosene available in the Far East. We have taken our products a stage further and as a result of our constant development program our wicks have been recognised as the finest in the World because they perform very well in all grades of kerosene."   Tony Woodyatt, CEO Emeritus, Hattersley

    Hattersley is the manufacturer of OEM wicks for many brands of heaters for Europe, including Toyotomi (KeroSun, Zibro) &  Corona., and made to the highest UL Standards.  Hattersley, Aladdin (UK) and Valor are sister companies.

    Hattersley's Wick Testing Laboratory

    Hattersley makes the World's most comprehensive range of wicks for modern and antique kerosene heaters and lamps. The company's dedication to progress is exemplified by its wicks development laboratory/testing room and wick library, which Mr Woodyatt established within the factory in 1992, and has been used since then to develop their products to the highest possible level.

    EMAIL: SORRY, THE WICK SHOP DOES NOT HAVE FACILITIES FOR WALK IN CLIENTS, BUT OUR WEB SITE REMAINS OPEN 24/7 TO HELP YOU.   I ANSWER QUESTIONS AS QUICKLY as possible (via e-mail, not telephone) to help with problems.  I ship via USPS every day about noon, so even orders received up to 11:00 AM Pacific Time can receive same-day mailing - I give you the best possible service I can provide.  If you have questions about my wicks, your heaters or lamps, please e-mail me at - I am your tech support. 

    If you do not receive a return email it may be because your message was not actually sent to me.  Sometimes the web is down and there are times when entire email URL's are not working and my return messages do not go through.  An example from Germany:

    all hosts for '' have been failing for a long time (and retry time not reached)

    If you have a tightly controlled spam filter and do not make an exception for my return emails to be delivered, that is not my fault and there is no way to notify you that my messages are being returned.



    I do not have a store Ė I just sell online.  Iíve been selling kerosene products, mostly wicks, since 1997. Virtually all of my wicks are made by the best wick maker in the world, Hattersley in England.  Wicks are made to my specifications and tested in my own extensive collection of heaters, lamps and stoves.

    I keep all wicks in stock all year for those who want to be prepared for winter in advance.  I ship wicks worldwide and in fact have the best list and selection of wicks for heaters sold in Europe, Australia and Scandinavia. 

    In 2005 I noticed that except for Rayo lamps, wicks for center draft lamps had not been made since before WW II.  I purchased many Victorian Era lamps of various sizes, measured original wicks, tested new wicking for diameter, thickness and capillary action, and had the full range of center draft wicks made by Hattersley in England. 

    Proper Victorian Era center draft chimneys had not been manufactured since the Depression, so after considerable testing I had the best samples replicated in borosilicate glass.
    Many larger sizes of flat wicks for European Kosmos lamps had also been unobtainable for decades so I had them made by Hattersley after testing for weave, thickness and capillary action in my own collection of lamps.
    The proper chimneys for many Kosmos lamps had also not been made since the 1930ís, so I  had them made from borosilicate glass.
    Student lamps made from 1875 through WW I did not have good chimneys available, so I had them made.
    The old sad iron heaters similarly had not had new wicks available since before WW II, so after testing thickness, width, and capillary action I also had them made.

    Kindler wicking for gravity-fed stoves made by Boss, Florence and many other stoves from before WW II had not been readily available so I carry the full line of kindler wicking.

    By 2008 I had more information on kerosene stoves, heaters and center draft lamps on this website than all other websites in the world combined and was the largest independent seller of kerosene heater and center draft lamp wicks in the world.

    We have worked very hard to earn your trust and respect.  We still work seven days a week processing orders.  Every order is acknowledged upon receipt. All orders are shipped every day except Sundays and holidays at noon and delivery information and a tracking number sent to your email address - there are no delays in shipping orders. 


    Selected Customer "Feedback"


    5.13.24 -  Your knowledge, the way you inform your customers and your customer care is beyond reproach! 
    We appreciate you so much and all the help that you are giving us. We will return the small lamp in exchange for the 2 5/8" lamp. Thank you so much for helping us. It means the world to us! 
    Tom Wageman,  Ithaca, NY.


    your friendly communications were much appreciated
    your reasonable shipping got you the order
    The quality of the items was excellent - good value as well
    shipping time was certainly within expectations
    thanks, Darrell from Ontario, Canada


    9.23.2020 -  Hi Miles - I just wanted to say my two chimneys arrived with me today in perfect condition and really well packed. Thanks so much for taking care to pack them so well and I notice that both the Sans Rival and NeoVulcan are both heavy grade glass and beautifully finished. I can't wait to try them out! Thanks again!  P. Gurr in OZ


    8.15.2020 - Last year I used your site extensively to research buying kero heaters
    and everything about them.  So thank you !!

    And now that itís time to replace the wick on one of course Iím buying
    from you vs the stores I bought the heaters from.   

    I appreciate the great info that helped me make informed purchases
    and taught proper care of the heater.   Regards , Art


    1.12.20 - To the Wick Shoppe Ė Thank you for your quality products, fast shipping and informative and educational we site. Sincerely, A Satisfied Customer,  D. Stein, Portland OR


    10.17.19 - "Miles, We are impressed! Only 2 1/2 days from order to door. We can't even mail a package across town in that length of time. You should be proud of your prompt service. We will definitely recommend your business to our family and friends. Thank you, Robert Plunkard.   (Oregon to PA)


    1.19.19 - "In this day of big stores and corporations itís really nice to find a Miles Stair, who not only ships product almost as fast as USPS can deliver it, but also answers emails personally and just as quickly!  The one thing I worry about is what happens when there is no Miles Stair?  He, quite literally, is the living encyclopedia of knowledge about wicks for lamps and heaters and their operation.  Stay young Miles, I donít think you can be replaced! "  Dave Vann, MD   (Too late, Dave.  I got old.)


    7.31.18 - ď This man is a phenomenon! Not only did I not get to purchase a product from
    his company because what I need is so rare, but this man took the time to search on his own for one and contacted me letting me know the right part # before I purchased the wrong one on E-Bay. Miles,- you personally put faith back in humanity, Thank you, Rick 




    2.13.17.       I would first like to thank you for your wonderful website. Thanks to you and your site I have cleaned up an old, over 30 years, Toyostove RB-2A Kerosene Heater that my parents used to use back in the 1980s. I have it working quite fine now. Also want to thank you for the wonderful tip about how to get the Kerosene smell off of your hands by using cheap shampoo and hand sanitizer. Wonderful, works great!  D. Chewning, Virginia


    Your wick for my OR77 arrived today. Super fast service even given the Thanksgiving holiday! When I opened the package I could immediately see that your wicks are far far superior to the other 2 purchased online from other vendors that have been total failures. And I do mean TOTAL failures. Your wick appeared to me to have about double the material in it - especially the fiberglass top ring. So, I installed it in this cute little P. I. T. A. heater. It has never ever worked properly from the day I purchased it brand spanking new. I let the wick stand as installed in the fuel sump for a half hour or 45 minutes then lit her up. SURPRISE! It lit instantly and turned the globe red within a few minutes - no smell, no smoke, no hastle, no pops or whistles. It just burns and burns right.

    So, thank you again for both your website and great information, plus also your very high quality products. Funny thing is, your quality wicks are actually no more expensive than the other junk I've been unwittingly buying online from other sources. I wish I'd known about you from the start.

    Best Wishes, Tim I., Iowa


    Two piece wick received in good order yesterday. Thoroughly cleaned everything including both tanks in advance. Wick installed and heat output back to new for 30 plus year old heater.
    Most amazing part is how freely the mechanism works with the new lower wick (15-2P).
    Thanks again for your excellent service and information on web site.
    Gary T. in PA


    I just wanted to thank you. My success oil lamp is working beautiful thanks to both the information on your site ( on dismantling stuck wicks) along with the new wick and installation sheet. Thanks again K. Spares, Nova Scotia.


    Mr Stair- Just wanted to send a quick note back to let you know that I received my two wicks and am very happy with the quick shipping as well as with the great quality of the wicks. I have yet to install and burn either, but in comparison with some "home depot" wicks that we've got around here, they seem to be a more high quality product. I must say that I have received hours of enjoyment perusing your site and learning an enormous amount about kerosene appliances. I grew up in a home on Long Island during the oil crisis of the 1970's-80's where we used a Corona 22DK every winter for supplemental heat, and I recall as a child being sent out to "the drum"- a 55 gal drum with a petcock cradled in an x-type frame of 2x4's, to fill 5 gal cans almost on a daily basis during the winters. More recently, after Hurricane Sandy, both my family and my folks were flooded out of our homes, but amazingly I was able to mail order a Dura Heat heater from northern tool and have it delivered within a day! Although there was NO gas to be had, I could still get red-dye kero from the pump less than 2 miles from the floodwaters... It certainly helped us to be able to hunker down in our own home, avoid looters and generally made things easier.. So, since then, I've found myself outfitting my family, my folks and a number of friends with kero heaters and lamps that I've been finding on craigslist and at garage sales and fixing up. Thanks so much for your exhaustive treatment of the entire "kerosene world" and the information and inspiration that your site has provided to me. Sincerely, Dr. Adrian L., MD, NY


    October 26, 2015

    I followed your directions to a T and now my kero heat ctn-110 works
    perfectly!  Changed kerosene as you directed , big difference.  Same with
    my Alladin Blue flame heater, serviced it as the manual you posted directs,
    now it burns with a perfect safe blue flame!   Paul in PA.


    October 20, 2015

    Thank you for your services! The wicks arrived in 14 days to Romania, very fast and prompt service. The wicks are wery well! Best regards, Silviu


    April 15, 2015

    Hiya and greetings to you from Ireland! My wicks arrived yesterday morning!!!! Brilliant service as always! 6 days! It takes a week to get a letter from the UK to here and its only 300 miles!!! Lol! Thank you once again. Pat H

    ~~~~~~~~~Feb. 26, 2015

    Miles, I received my wicks today (post office had a delay or they would have been here yesterday). I changed one and noticed immediately the difference in quality. I have used Kero World wicks in the past, the last was a total disaster! Each time I changed a wick I noticed that it just didn't fit quite right, it took quite a long time to get the wick to lay flat. They just seemed to be a tad too big for the sleeve. The wick I got from you fit perfectly, it was a breeze to change. 

    I am so happy I decided to purchase our wicks from you. The price was hardly any different from the others. I will be purchasing more from you for sure! Thank you!

    Andrea S. in CT

    ~~~~~~~~Feb. 9, 2015

    Your website is perfect Ė accurate, precise, informative and truly helpful.
    Your emails to me after I ordered a wick were clear-cut, with all the 
    tracking numbers and links exact and easy to navigate. Thank you for a great product and great service. I will not hesitate to
    recommend you to anyone I know for their kerosene heater parts and supplies. Danny G in Austin Texas

    ~~~~~~~~~Feb.  3, 2015

    Thanks for a very quick delivery
    Only one week to Sweden!!
    Arrived today in excellent condition :)
    Best regards, Gunnar

    ~~~~~~~~~Jan. 12, 2015

    Just a word of thanks for the quick turnaround on the order for my Sans Rival chimney. Ordered Friday evening, shipped Saturday, received Monday! Unbelievably fast!  Jim in FL

    ~~~~~~~~~Jan. 12, 2015

    Dear Miles:
    I purchased a wick from you last year for a dynaglo heater.  It was becoming tarred,  using your site for advice I cleaned the wick with needle nose pliers and it runs fine again.  Thank you for your time and effort on your site,  it is a true resource. God bless.  Phil in PA

    ~~~~~~~~~Jan. 8, 2015

    First, your site is great.  (And your passion for "doing things right" is the reason I purchased wicks through your company.  Anyone with that much passion and dedication is not doing it for the money.  And the prices are good, too.)  Very informative in many ways and not only regarding kerosene heaters.  So thanks for that.  Doug W. in PA

    ~~~~~~~~~Dec. 8, 2014

    ...ordered the wick ONLINE...paid via shipped the SAME DAY as the order (22.Nov.14) and they arrived all the way from Oregon on 24.Nov.14. (2 days). Great Service and Great Price...Great UPDATE E-Mails...we'll be back for MORE. Andy & Lucy J., PA

    ~~~~~~~~~November 3, 2014

    I just wanted to thank you for incredibly fast service! I ordered these wicks from you on Saturday, November 1 (when I received the email from you stating that you had sent them the same day I thought: "hmm... maybe I got him just before he went to the post office" ), and when I went to my mail box today (Monday, Nov. 3rd) they had already arrived! Clear across the country and via USPS which is doubly astonishing. Again, thank you very much for your excellent service. C. Norman, PA

    ~~~~~~~~~October 27, 2014

    I am in receipt of your mailing of my wick order. Thanks! Subsequent to my first order from you, I tried other various manufacturer's wicks. All paled by comparison. That is to say the longevity was less, the capillary action (material/construction) measured relative to a digital thermo reading taken @ both the flame and the lantern housing top was less and overall performance was not as great. Yours are truly superior. I can say that as a Chief Engineer with over 35 years experience. I'm a hands on guy who isn't easily impressed.  R. Rosati, NH.

    ~~~~~~~~~October 7, 2014

    Fastest service and best communication I've ever seen. Will be doing business with you again. Thank you very much.  C. Fortner, Georgia

    ~~~~~~~~~July 23, 2014

    Thanks for the wicks they work excellent, I have been looking for them all over Australia but they are to costly , I found your website and was apprehensive about buying them at first, but now I have I will be buying more in the future. I will be letting everyone I know about your site, thanks again.  Anthony, Port Augusta South Australia

    ~~~~~~~~~July 18, 2014

    Just a brief note to confirm that the parcel containing the wick which I ordered arrived three days ago. I am impressed by the prompt service. The wick has been installed and my Valor heater, purchased in Namibia in about 1967, is functioning again - in New Zealand - after a ten year hiatus. Thank you kindly. Alex in NZ

    ~~~~~~~~~July 9, 2014

    Just wanted to say thanks for the my recent purchase from you it took about a week and your prices are about a 1/3 of ebay over here will deffinately use your shop again. All the best, Greg in Australia

    ~~~~~~~~~June 21, 2014

    Hello Miles just wanted to say the wick you made for me worked great! I need to get the right chimney for it but i put one on i had for now. Here are a few photos of the lamp and it would not be working if not for the wick you made. Robert in Florida

    ~~~~~~~~~April 4, 2014

    This website had exactly what I needed. It was easy to navigate, the customer service was great, and the shipping was fast. I highly recommend it!!  Patrick in NC.

    ~~~~~~~~~March 18, 2014

    Package arrived in Monday's mail (mailed Saturday), wick installed and trimmed per instructions and little Canaveral 8500 puts out a beautiful blue flame for the first time in 10 years. Thanks again Bro Stair for your service and very quick shipping.  Charles C., Maryland

    ~~~~~~~~~March 11, 2014

    That add on little platinum plated screen for the KeroSun is amazing.  The fumes have reduced to almost zero.  I bought a new kerosene heater but didnt even open it.  As it appears the old one with a new wick and that screen still works well.  Thank you for offering those products. J. Henkel, Texas

    ~~~~~~~~~March 3, 2014

    Miles, Once again thank you for shipping my order to me in record time. I will continue to order my lamp and heater supplies from you.  I installed the catalytic filter i recieved from you on my heater.
    Also i installed a new wick. What a difference the catalytic filter has made. Now when i go in my garage there is no odor as if a kerosene heater is lit. You smell nothing. I think i will order 2 more for my other heaters.  For someone with sinus problems or breathing problems like i have this is the way to go if you have a kerosene heater.   Now when our power is out and we need emergency heat in the house i can rely on my kerosene heater to keep us warm.
     Thanks, Ron M. in Hershey, PA

    ~~~~~~~~~March 2, 2014

    Outstanding service and quality wick. Product ordered Feb.18 2014 and received Feb 28 2014. Ten days to Ontario, Canada  was Fast.  Lorne Fergus Ontario

    ~~~~~~~~~Feb. 12, 2014

    Unbelievable.  The difference between a wick that "fits" and the proper wick is simply amazing.  Thank you for the great service and offering these great wicks.  Brian in Indianapolis

    ~~~~~~~~~Jan. 31, 2014

    I received my wick for my Sears Kerosene heater today thank you. If it shipped any faster I think it would have ignited on its own. I must say I had the hardest time finding a replacement wick for it over the years never finding the perfect wick. Well, all that was solved when I came across your website. Not only was I confidently able to determine quickly and easily the exact replacement wick for my heater but I also got an education in kerosene heaters from your great website. It was a welcome change to do business with someone that actually cares about their customers and has as much enthusiasm for their products as you do. Being a business owner myself that practices this same philosophy I really appreciate it.  Mark S., Morrisville, PA

    ~~~~~~~~~Dec. 18, 2013

    The delivery from US faster then local posting!!! Great assistance through the web. This shop really cares about its customers! Not afraid of winter any more! Dorothy, Warsaw, Poland

    ~~~~~~~~~Nov. 29, 2013

    Received my wick that I ordered in the mail today. Thank you for the prompt service of less than one week delivered and for your reasonably priced excellent product. Frank in Chilliwack BC.

    ~~~~~~~~~Sept. 30, 2013

    Thank you. Your service is outstanding with superb communications. Wick
    received super fast!  Much Appreciated.  Grant in Illinois

    ~~~~~~~~~April 17, 2013

    Thank you for the swift delivery of my new wick for Ruby KSP 270. Only seven to eight days and all that way to UK and all!. You have a great site and a pleasure to visit for us Paraffin fans. I shall visit again sometime soon. Meanwhile, thank you again and best regards, George. Norfolk UK.

    ~~~~~~~~~June 2, 2012

    Many thanks, my item has been recieved.  Quick despatch to Australia and quality item.  Thank you for your fast and professional service.  Regards Karen  (Ordered May 23rd, shipped May 24th, received June 2nd)

    ~~~~~~~~~Feb. 20, 2012

    Outstanding service and quality wicks. Product ordered Feb 2, 2012 item received Feb 10, 2012. Wicks were securely packed and they work great! You are my go-to kerosene hearter parts guy from now on. Thanks very much.
    Jeff - Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    ~~~~~~~~~January 14, 2012

    I first discovered your web site a couple of years ago when I was looking for a safe and alternative source of heating, cooking and lighting for my family in the event of an emergent situation. Being an avid emergency preparedness buff, I do a lot of research and information seeking on the web. is by far the most informative, complete and sound information on kerosene and its uses. You could say I was "converted" to kerosene and using your site as a guide, have purchased three (soon to be four) kerosene heaters, a stove, oven and even a kerosene lamp. I hope I have to never rely on these items as my only source, I like to be prepared as I see an eroding world situation and tyrants running our government and economic machine. Not only have I enjoyed the vast information you provide on kerosene heating, it is comforting knowing I have a go-to for all of my kerosene accessory needs from wicks to fuel pumps. Any questions I have had (which have been several) have always been answered promptly. I have always been treated respectfully and dealt with honestly. I just can't recommend a better source for my kerosene needs. My wife and I have literally become hooked to our kerosene heaters during the bitter could Missouri winters. My wife, who is cold-blooded by nature, can never seem to get warm with our home's furnace. As soon as we light up the kerosene heater, she is happy as can be enjoying the high quality intense "bon fire warmth" the kerosene heaters put out. Your site has taught me how to use heaters, maintain them, keep them in tip-top condition just to name a few. I am truly grateful for the quick speed in which my orders arrive. Lightening fast always! Your honesty and great work ethic are appreciated! You have provided a wonderful service for our family and for that we are very thankful!   Adam Vance, Greenwood, Missouri

    ~~~~~~~~~December 13, 2011

    Thank you so very much for your impossibly prompt service in filling my order for a wick for my kerosene heater! I have been dealing with mail order businesses for years now -- I haven't left my home in over ten years -- but I have never seen such remarkably fast service. I reside on ten acres of woodland in very rural Ohio, yet my wick arrived in two days without my having to pay extra for your service. Temperatures have been dipping below freezing around here....
    Your service is truly fantastic! Thank you.  Michael H., Ohio

    ~~~~~~~~~November 28, 2011

    I got your delivery in great time.
    The wick is perfect and installation was easy with the enclosed instructions.
    Thank you for the GREAT service!    R. Tucci, Ohio

    ~~~~~~~~~November 23, 2011

    You do NOT receive enough positive feedback on how wonderful your site is.  I have been looking for a new wick for my Kero-Sun Moonlighter for two years.  I bought the heater in 1980 and have not used it since 1985.  Shopping at big box stores and small hardware stores for a replacement wick was useless.  I didn't have enough information about my heater to be able to choose the correct wick by simply reading the information on the packages.  However, your site showed me pictures, had the owner's manual and carefully explained the different model numbers and types of wicks.  I just ordered the wick today and I'm confident that when it comes it will be the correct wick and will light my stove with the loving glow it had 30 years ago.  Thanks again.  T. Hicks, MN.

    ~~~~~~~~~August 29, 2011

    Just wanted to email a quick thank you for your quick and efficient service. You shipped quickly, had an accurate and fair shipping price for me in Canada available immediately, and the item arrived as described and properly protected. I will be doing business with you again soon, and will send those from my former military, and now Firefighting, circles to you for for what you stock.
    All the best, Greg C. in BC

    ~~~~~~~~~August 10, 2011

    Thanks for the fast service on the wick I ordered. Please folks if you have or are considering any kerosene stove, heater or lamp look at this website. Instructions on use, care and maintenance are invaluable and free. This has been a great help to me to find the products and information at what has to be the best website EVER, along with great wicks at fair prices.
    T Tubbs - Tx

    ~~~~~~~~~November 13, 2010

    Dear Miles,
      I purchased two wicks from you for my Kero World heater and my what a difference.  Yours burn better than those I used to buy at the Wal Mart.
    My old wicks I would have had to burn dry twice now since I installed them, but I haven't burned this wick dry yet because I haven't needed too.  
    Great products that I will be purchasing from you here out.  Many thanks!
    Zach in Kentucky

    ~~~~~~~~~February 9, 2010

    Excellent service!!  Of course with the largest snow we've had in years both of heaters were out of commission.  I ordered wicks on Saturday and on Tuesday I have them in my hands!
    Thank you for your great service, and for such an information packed website!
    Susan Ash,  Virginia

    ~~~~~~~~~February 3, 2010

    Got my wicks in the mail today! WOW!  I can't believe how fast you shipped them out! 3 days from Oregon to Maine is phenomenal! Thanks! The product is a perfect match/fit and at a great price to boot! It's a pleasure doing business with someone who actually cares for their customers! Thanks again, Glenn
    Glenn Ouimet, Maine

    ~~~~~~~~February 2, 2010

    That was quick delivery Ė my order arrived yesterday!  Iím writing today because I had some time to fit the new wicks into my lamps this afternoon.

    This is my second order from you and Iím very, very pleased.  I had trouble finding the right wick for an older B&H, but the one I got from you fits and works perfectly.  Thanks to your descriptions that include both dimensions and make/model references, I confidently bought wicks for a Pittsburgh Success and P&A.  Maybe 100 years ago when these lamps were in common use, ďeveryoneĒ knew how to fit and trim a wick and what kind of fuel to use.  With your helpful advice, Iím putting my lamps to use fully confident that Iím doing it right.


    Dorsey, in N.J.

    ~~~~~~~~December 17, 2009

    My husband didnít find his much needed wicks locally, so I found your site on the web when I searched for ďKerosun Omni 15 wicks.Ē

    Didnít know how long it would take to receive them, but we got them from Oregon to Indiana in less than 48 hours from the time we ordered them!

    Reasonable price, reasonable shipping, Outstanding Service!!!

     Thank you so very much!

    Happy Holidays,

    The Wagners

    ~~~~~~~~~September 22, 2009

    Hi Miles.  Do you have a special in with the USPS?
    I ordered the wick & chimney on Saturday morning, and it was delivered today, MONDAY.
    You and the USPS are the pinnacle of service.
    BTW, The chimney is beautiful. I'll send you a picture when the Dresden is up and running.
    Thanks again,
    Dan D. (from Mass.)

    ~~~~~~~~~August 21, 2009

    Thanks for your quick time . You shipped my order on the day I ordered it. Outstanding arrived to new zealand In very good time and my haller stove is going again. will buy from you again I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks again for your great service.   thanks steve patrick --new zealand

    ~~~~~~~~~February 8, 2009  (Note:  Parts of Tennessee and Missouri were in the midst of a vicious ice storm.  Power to many localities was out for weeks.  I shipped all wicks to that area via Priority Mail.)

    Guess what I got in the mail today. I ordered my wick on Wednesday 2-4-09 and received it on Friday 2-6-09. I knew that when I had read the responses on your web page, everyone was excited by the quick delivery. I didn't know you could send mail from Oregon to Tennessee in one day. Thank you very much. I also appreciate the quick responses to my email questions. It has truly been a great experience doing business with you. I didn't see a place to respond to the feedback. If you can put this email on it please do. I will tell everybody I know about your web page. Again thanks for everything. May God Bless You!!!   Aaron Spencer, TN

    ~~~~~~~~~November 24, 2008

    I ordered my wicks and igniter on 11/22/08 and received today 11/24.  First of all, thank you for the super fast delivery, I am truely impressed and shocked that such service still exists for online businesses. 

    I have been purchasing wicks for my Dura Heat kerosene heater from a large local retailer since they were cheaper and carried the same wick as 3 other retailers in my area.  I have "burned up" 2 of their wicks in just under 6 weeks.  The wicks burn up so fast while never operating properly from first installation.  The height adjustment was always sticking, especially  when pressing the knob to "turn off" the heater. It never once went completely down on either wick (nor could I get it to go any lower) causing the wick to burn for about 30 - 60 seconds before going out completely.  After only 3 or 4 burns on the new wick, it was a major chore to get the wick to even raise without catching on something whether due to the soiled wick or bad fit.  The first time I used up a wick, I thought it was something I had done wrong... whether it was the installation (even though it was a pinned wick) or the wick height while burning.  I looked into the problem online and was reassured I was following proper methods for installation and burning.  I found your site in my research and read about the fiberglass top and cotton bottom wicks.  Since I had "burned up" the other wicks so fast, I was sold when I read about the nonburning fiberglass.

     I was truely impressed with wicks when I took them out of the package.  The superior quality was obvious as soon as I put it in my hands.  After getting the new wick installed (exactly the same as the other wicks I installed) It worked flawlessly.  No hanging or sticking and when I lit it for the first time, it was very clear that I made the right choice purchasing from you.  I am generating a very noticable amount of more heat with the new wick which will save me money. 

    Thank you for your service!  You have not only earned my lifelong loyalty as a customer, but all my high recommendations to anyone I talk to that would need your items.  I appologize for the long email.  I am hoping that it may help people in the future that come to you and your website and have any doubts that your products are any different than anything else that they have tried.  I look forward to doing business with you again.  Thanks Again.    Ed Potts, Michigan

    ~~~~~~~~~October 6, 2008

    I recently purchased a new wick for my old kerosene heater and one of the catalytic burners, let me tell you that I could notice as soon as I looked at the wick that it was far superior to any I had seen in the big box stores. I installed the wick just as the instructions said and installed the catalytic burner as well. The first time I fired up the heater there was a major difference in how it burned and how it smelled (there was NONE). I have read your site all the way through and will  ONLY use you from now on  with all my kerosene heater needs. David A, Maryland

    ~~~~~~~~~March 10, 2008

    I wish to leave you "Feedback" like we do on Ebay... I can't believe just how fast you got this purchase to me. I ordered it on Saturday... and there it is in my mailbox on Monday ... WoW.. And thanks for using the Postal Service for your shipping needs.  Wm.(Rusty) Crist Lynnwood Washington.

    ~~~~~~~~~March 5, 2008

    Your company has to have the FASTEST service on the planet!!! I placed 
    this order on Saturday and received it Monday. That's awesome! I will 
    pass your name along to anyone I know who needs your products. Thanks. 
    Raytha in PA

    ~~~~~~~~~January 30, 2008

    I order a wick from your store on Saturday, January 26th. I received it on Monday, January 28th. I live just outside Atlanta. Thanks you for the excellent service. I installed the new wick and all is well.    Keith M.

    ~~~~~~~~~January 8, 2008

    This is the second order I have made with your site. And, for the second time, I was very pleased with both the quality of the wicks and the speed with which they were delivered.  My thanks to you for the excellent service!!
    Robert D.
    American Red Cross
    Deputy Representative, New England State

    ~~~~~~~~~December 28, 2007

    Miles~  The wicks were correct and no problems installing them. The instructions were very, very explicit and detailed. I read them through once to get the general idea, then took each step one by one to replace the old one. Took about 15 minutes without any problems.. Thanks again and you have a very Fruitful New Year, .....................John M in California

    ~~~~~~~~~November 18, 2007

    Hi, I Recently Purchased One Of These Heaters, The Wick That Came Installed With The Unit Was Virtually Worthless ! Had To Raise It Daily, Take Apart And Reinstall It Higher Every Three Or Four Days,. It Just Kept Burning Away. I Recently Purchased Several Replacement Wicks From You, Installed One In The Heater, And It Now Burns Flawlessly, No More Daily Adjustment, No More Taking It Apart To Raise The Wick. I Don`t Know If It`s Possible To Make People Aware Of This In Todays Legal Climate, (Lawsuits, Etc.). Just Wanted To Let You Knqw That You Ara 100% Percent Right When You State All Wicks Are Not Created Equally. I`ve Been Running Various Kero Sun Heaters (Stating In The Fall And Burning Continuously) For The Entire Winter (Long And Cold) For At Least Fifteen Years, In Northern New York. This Heater Works Great ! Just Thought I`d Pass Along The Info.
    Thank`s T. O`D,  Upstate New York

    ~~~~~~~~~October 9, 2007

    Dear Miles,
    many thanks for your great service! 
    I ordered the Wick on Oct. 3th and he arrived me at Oct. 8 th.
    Less than a week for the US to Germany!
    Many thanks, T. Wagenbach  from Germany

    ~~~~~~~~~October 1, 2007

    Got the blue flame wick in record time (one weekend!). You have my wick business from now on. At least there is somebody still honest out there on the web that I can count on!    Scott in NY.

    ~~~~~~~~~September 23, 2007

    Thank you so much for your great merchandise and your prompt 
    response and delivery of my order!! Jana M., Bakersfield

    ~~~~~~~~~August 21, 2007

    Many thanks for your great service, posted 15th August USA and arrived at my
    home on Tuesday 21st August! Heater going extra well. K. Beale, New Zealand

    ~~~~~~~~~July 2, 2007

    I just wanted to let you know that the wick arrived when you said it would, it fit perfectly, installation was a snap and it kept us warm on the chilly evenings at scout camp last week. Thanks for your prompt service and attention to detail!   F. Weller in Utah

    ~~~~~~~~~June 3, 2007

    Hello.....just wanted you to know what an excellent experience shopping with you has been. The site is superb.....easy to navigate....paypal is such a plus.....and the package arrived long before I had perfect condition. Such a positive on-line shopping trip.................thanks.......dawn (in PA).

    ~~~~~~~~~March 6, 2007

    Dear Miles,
    Just wanted to say your service is unbeatable. Ordered on Saturday, received on Tuesday, in NY! And with the best price, I will be a repeat shopper.
    Thanx again,
    Boris R

    ~~~~~~~~~Feb. 15, 2007

    I just wanted to send off a quick note to say thank-you for the promp service. I ordered a new wick on Sunday and it arrived on Wednesday. That is quicker than I could have had a store order it for me and without the hassle. Thanks again and have a great day.  Sherry (Iowa)

    ~~~~~~~~~Feb. 13, 2007

    Thanks for the great info and service. Your communication and customer service is amazing!   Many thanks, Shawneene (Ohio)

    ~~~~~~~~~Feb. 6, 2007

    Miles:  You are amazing!  
                        Order in to Oregon Saturday, packaged and shipped same
    day, received in Atlanta Monday.  That is very fast service!  Even more
    surprising is the fact that the USPS does have a Priority Mail service!
    I really like the battery powered fuel pump, I wish I had made this purchase
    three months ago.  It is a must for anyone charged with the chore of fueling
    kerosene heaters.
    Stellar . . .  Thank you for the stellar service!   Darryl in Atlanta

    ~~~~~~~~~Jan. 26, 2007

    I want to thank you for the very fast service and the very informative website, I learned a lot. I recently purchased a used Omni-105 and am looking forward to putting in the new wick and igniter.  Thanks again for the great service!    Jerry in Georgia

    ~~~~~~~~~Jan. 23, 2007

    Thanks for your quick turn-around. You shipped my order on the day I ordered it. Outstanding! USPS was on the ball too because it arrived on Monday. That's just one business day shipping!   Thanks again,   Dwaine in Utah

    ~~~~~~~~~Jan. 17, 2007

    Thank you for super quick shipping. I could not believe how fast my order
    got here. And you are an incredible source of information. Again thank you.
    Pam in Portland
    PS: Your may use this on your site if so inclined.


    Sam here in Sierra Vista Arizona, Many thanks for the quick response and excellent service in filling and delivery of my or for two wicks for an old 500 model kerosene burner. Just letting you know that some of us out here appreciate it.


    Thanks Miles I recd the new wick for my old Sharp radiant today and it has never worked better! I appreciate your prompt and courteous service and obvious expertise, This year for the 1st in several I will be warm and cosy in my hunting tent! Muchos Gracias Tony, from British Columbia


    Again, thank you. Doing business with the best is really a blessing.
    Cary, California


    Thanks Miles-- The wick arrived this morning, which is about the fastest service I've seen.  Two day delivery across the country!  Leslie in CT.


    Thanks for the prompt and curteous service and your gift! Beats the hell out dealing with Wal mart. Tony G. in Newfoundland.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12.23.05


    Merry Christmas! I ordered two wicks from you for my Corona DK23 - an absolutely perfect fit. After wasting my hard-earned cash at Home Depot and Lowes for wicks that SHOULD have fit but didn't, I stumbled upon your web site and I'm sure glad I did. I spent two hours trying to jam a wick in my DK23, I was covered with K1 and aggravated like you wouldn't believe. I tossed it in the garbage in disgust. Maybe that was a Godsend, as it probably would have been dangerous if I had managed to make it fit.

    Your wicks came this afternoon, and I REALLY appreciated the instructions for the DK23 that came with the wick. It took me ten minutes and most of that was just cleaning things up. I hope you stay in business for a L-O-N-G time, and I can guarantee that you'll get my business in the future. My regular heating system is electric, and you can never guarantee that the juice will be there when you need it. The 23DK can heat my entire house, and it's not a small house. Even the folks who have oil aren't safe - if the electric goes, the blowers are inoperative. Kerosene isn't cheap this year, but the DK23 puts out a LOT of heat, and we love it. I feel much better now that I don't have to worry about where the wicks are coming from.

    AND... your web site is wonderful and informative. Feel free to use me as a reference - a VERY satisfied customer. Thanks again for your great service. Peace to you in this Christmas season and our best for a prosperous and healthy 2006.

    Paul,  New Jersey

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12.21.05

    I had to write to thank you for such wonderful service!!! I'm very impressed with the quick delivery!!!! The new wick arrived today and is installed. It works better than ever! I'm keeping your business in my reference folder for future purchases.

    Thank you so very much! Merry Christmas!!!


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12.15.05

    My wicks arrived today and I installed one in about 30 minutes . . . the instructions were very clear and easy-to-follow. Now my heater is burning brightly and more cleanly than it has in years. I was surprised how badly the old wick looked when I removed it. Many thanks for your swift and courteous service.

    Sincerely, Richard


    Thanks so much for the help. I have the order form and a check in the mail heading your way. I went to every hardware store within 100 miles of my house and nobody had a clue about what I needed. It's nice to know someone out there is willing to help. Thanks again! Robert


    Hi Miles: The wick for my Perfection 500 arrived yesterday. I installed it this morning and it works perfect! I think the problem with the KeroWorld wick was due to the thin construction also since there was air space between the wick and brass guide walls that allowed kerosene vapors through after warm up causing flare up and smoke. Thanks again.... Greg....


    Thank you very much for the reply. It's nice to know there are still people willing to help others out when they have questions. This weekend I'll have to look into raising the wick as you suggested. Thank you again for all your help and all the great information you provide to all of us. And you'll be hearing from me soon, as I'll need to order some wicks so I have replacements on hand.  Chris



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